Hold On To Your Childhood Heroes

Hold on to Your Childhood Heroes

by: Chris Fields


I have a special relationship with comic books. I suppose most boys would say the same thing but in my case it’s very true, because of comic books I improved my reading level and increased my vocabulary. See as a 5th grader it was discovered that I actually was reading on a 4th grade level. My mom was upset and embarrassed she didn’t know what to do to help me. Luckily for me I have one of the most awesome uncles ever created. My uncle, who loved comics and is a fantastic artist himself, gave me a Spider-Man comic book.

Now before you laugh and roll your eyes, if you haven’t actually read a comic book you should totally pick one up. These little things are suffocated and full of “big” words…seriously I remember grabbing the dictionary to look up words like “megalomaniac”, “onslaught”, ”jettison” and “tumultuous”. (Work those into causal conversations and I’ll buy you a drink)

Because of comic books, I looked forward to the next issue in the series and my appetite for more storylines grew so I went from Spidey to X-Men, Hulk, Daredevil and Transformers…wasn’t a fan of DC Comics – sorry!


Flying around, cutting through the air, touching the clouds and feeling freedom’s warm embrace all around you. Having the ability to run freakishly fast and leap 3 or 4 stories at a time. Stretching out your arm and extending it as far as possible while simultaneously shooting a silky yet durable web from your wrist – latching onto the tallest structures imaginable. And once you hit your target, you use a combination of strength and torque to propel yourself forward, faster and to new heights. Let’s not forget the spidey senses – that tingling sensation that alerts you to impending dangerous and harmful things headed your way – a sixth sense if you will.

That’s my guy – Spider-Man.

Chris Fields of the HR blog Costofwork

He’s my favorite of all the superheroes. To me it’s a no brainer whenever someone asks me who my favorite comic book hero is because Spider-Man is so relatable. Peter Park (aka Spider-Man) is one misunderstood and financially strapped young man. He’s so poor, he can’t pay attention –get it? (I’m here all week, folks – tip your servers).

But seriously, money problems plague us all from time to time. And who hasn’t been misunderstood. Trying to navigating life’s bumpy road, the heartaches, and pains of love and then being task with the powers and responsibility being Spider-Man. That’s a lot to put on anyone. And like his Uncle told him “With great power comes great responsibility.” Did I mention that Spider-Man is incredibly smart?

I don’t want to hero bash, but Spider-Man is not an extraterrestrial and he doesn’t think he’s better than us. He’s not hell bent on revenge. He’s not consumed by power. He’s an average person trying to figure out his purpose in life while protecting the people he loves – just like us.Super Hero Mashup

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