HR: Becoming Lost in Time

Do you ever feel as if you don’t have enough time in the day? Do you wish you could just do one more thing – just one – before bed? Or, do you feel like you fail to accomplish just half of all the things you planned to do in a given day, week, month, year? I speculate that it would be a safe bet to say that many of us would say “YES” to AT LEAST one of these questions. Perhaps it is time for us to firmly press the proverbial breaks before becoming lost in time.

HR: Becoming Lost in Time

I spend time watching tv, eating, and unwinding when I return home at the end of a workday. I also return to my computer (usually sitting in a recliner with the laptop..well, in my lap). It is here that I begin checking email, surfing social media, and attempting to write. I do this most nights of the week, and – if I am honest with myself – I must admit that I lose productivity simply because I try to do too many things at once.

I read a post by my friend, Steve Browne, recently. Steve’s post caused me to think about how I use my time and made me question whether or not I’m using it wisely. Steve stated the following in his post:

We are all given the same amount of hours each day.  Our lives have patterns that we have chosen that involve our work which consumes most of our time during the week.  We rarely look at how those hours are used because we become set in certain methods that keep things relatively stable.  This is alluring because we accomplish the things we enjoy completing more often than not if this pattern is maintained.

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Time Distractions

When I spend time writing on weekends I often find myself distracted. I’ll begin at 11am and notice that it is already 1pm and wonder: What did I do for the last two hours????

This is when trying to do too many things at once becomes a hindrance.  For example, I give the following example:

  1. I found an article via the Zite app on my iPad. This article provided a list of free website graders and I saved it to Pocket for review on my Mac.
  2. After reading the article, I began testing the free services to see how this site ranked. (Now, you would think that seeing the scores would be the end, right?)
  3. I began attempting to fix the errors and adhere to the suggestions. Basically, I wanted to see if I could immediately increase the scores.
  4. I began tweaking the theme.
  5. I lost A LOT of time.

The above is just one example of distractions allowing us to become lost in time.


Too Focused

Could it be that I became too focused on one single plan – a plan that I hadn’t PLANNED to even complete?  What did I miss in the meantime?

Steve also stated:

The challenge with this is that our patterns become our expectations and any deviation from this throws us for a loop.  The other aspect of this repetitiveness is that it limits the number of people we regularly interact with and keeps us from having the chance to interact with the countless others who pass by us every single day.


When we become overwhelmed with excess, how much do we really miss from friends and potential friends. Maybe the lesson here is to think about how we spend – no waste – our energies, efforts, etc. Take that and maybe we will recover some of what has been lost in time.


Source Material:

Quotes in this post were those of Steve Browne, SPHR.  Read Steve’s blog, Everyday People, by visiting  Click here to read the complete post from Steve where he discusses spending your time.



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