HR Department-of-One: Who We Are

Are you an HR Department-of-One?  Do you sometimes feel that you are alone in an ocean that constantly threatens to overwhelm?  Do you often wish you had others you could talk to who knew your pain and frustration? Don’t you sometimes want to shout: Hey, we are here!  This is who we are!

HR Department-of-One:  Who We Are


Many of you are like me – an HR Department of One.  We are the go-to for all things HR and those could include any of the following:

  1. Recruitment

  2. Payroll

  3. Benefits Administration

  4. Worker’s Compensation

  5. Compliance

  6. Employee Training

  7. Manager Training

  8. Safety Training

  9. Direct Management

  10. Post-Employment Employees

  11. Interviewing (the real task)


The list could go on and on but the above offer a great overview.  Adding other assignments only transforms the list into something that suddenly becomes almost unbearable.

HR Department-of-One’s are an island unto ourselves but ONLY if we allow this of ourselves. The following suggestions are methods I’ve used to broaden my HR horizons.

Making Connections & Finding Support


I just stated that  we don’t have to be an island unto ourselves unless we choose. I am not saying that we should go and ask our bosses to hire more HR professionals to help –  even though this might be nice.  No, I mean working wisely with the tools we have and finding others like ourselves who share similar issues and concerns.

We need to build our own support system and be unafraid to think outside the traditional means.

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Professional Organizations


I mentioned in my post 17 years how I joined SHRM.  I immediately joined SHRM when I assumed the HR role but, while I advocate the local chapter, I realize that for some it might not be something they can do.  Maybe you don’t have the time or think you don’t have time.  If you truly don’t have time…it happens to us all.  If you only think you don’t have time…at least make the time to attend one meeting.  You might find it is worth more than you think.

If you can’t attend the local meetings, at least join and make connections. If your local chapter has a website, request member access if you don’t already have it.  If your State Council has a website, request member access if you don’t already have it.

Most local SHRM chapters also have Facebook and Twitter accounts. If they do, Like, join or follow them.  And, once you do, take part. We are in a social media age and your participation in the social media platforms will only help create ties for you with other HR professionals.

If your chapter doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook page, contact the chapter leadership and request it. Better yet, if you are a volunteer at heart, maybe you could be that person for the chapter. This, in turn, will create new ties for you.

Involvement Creates Rewards


I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that my association with the Mississippi State Council of SHRM was one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career.  It taught – and continues to teach – me more than I can say.  I urge you to navigate your HR island to a local or state SHRM affiliation if you have the opportunity.  It’s work but it is rewarding work.

I look forward to the day when I receive an email or telephone call welcoming me back to Mississippi SHRM.  Me and my gadgets will be ready for duty!

You have to make the most of your experience.  After all, our experiences define who we are.


LinkedIn to Blogs with Google+


I couldn’t resist the title above.  No, this isn’t about Blogging with Google+ on LinkedIn.  What it is about are the three different platforms:

HR to Who, Mississippi HR, Kyle Jones HR

  • LinkedIn – Take advantage of the many groups available on LinkedIn.  Join them, read the articles and make comments. I would suggest starting with one-or-two groups.Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of groups so I would suggest starting with one-or-two.

  • Google+ – I like Google+ much more than Facebook. I enjoy the circles and the communities. Like the LinkedIn Groups, Google+ Communities offer a chance to learn and connect with others.

  • Blogs – Just like what I’m doing here now…writing words to document for posting online…bloggers are here in various forms.  Some, like me, do it for the love of writing.  Others do it for their profession and others do it for a professional organization.  Regardless, read blogs and you’ll learn from others. I do, however, offer a word of advice. Comment on a blog posts.  This will make the writer (someone like me) very happy to receive a comment and will also make a connection for you with the blogger.

I will compile a list of some great links that I’ve used before and post them soon. In the meantime, get out there. Get active – make connections.



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