The HR to Who Interview: Carlen Lloyd

The following is the latest HR to Who Interview as I feature someone I connected with in 2013 on Google+. So, without further delay…

The HR to Who Interview: Carlen Lloyd

Carlen Lloyd, HR to Who Interview

Good day, Carlen.  Let’s begin with the most obvious of questions: Please take a moment to tell the audience about yourself.

My name is Carlen Lloyd. I always say that I’m a Mom first, and everything else takes 2nd place. I have 2 children, a daughter who’s 18 (and has an awesome work ethic- she’s working 2 jobs), and a son who’s almost 15 and the biggest WWE fan that you could meet. I currently live in Portland, Oregon, with my boyfriend, Nic- who actually encouraged me to go back to school. I love bicycling and walking and have participated in a one half-marathon and hoping to do my second one in April. I have done one 76-mile ride and one 32-mile ride, to date. I’m currently a full-time student at DeVry University.

Nice to hear that your son is a WWE fan! I’ve been watching WWE since – probably – late 1999 or early 2000.  But, I digress…this isn’t about WWE.  This is about you.  So, let’s continue.  Why did you choose Human Resources as your profession?

I was working as a work-study at DeVry in Career Services. Originally, I had planned on getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Web and Gaming Design; however, my former supervisor had asked me why I was pursuing my Bachelor’s in Web and Gaming Design.  It made me pause.

Why? What about this question gave you reason to pause?

That was it.  WHY! Why was I pursuing something I didn’t have a real “passion” for?

I have always been a people person and I love helping people become better than what they “think” that they are. So, we talked.  I realized what I was doing in Career Services was similar to what a person would do in Human Resources. I thought about it and changed my major in February 2012. Another “driving” force to go into HR is mostly because the HR people I had dealt with in the past.  They did not seem so “people oriented” and I want to change the whole stigma of the HR person.

What would you describe as great characteristics of a people oriented HR person?

I would say be passionate for your career, but be passionate for the people who you’ve hired. Make it a better workplace.

CARLEN LLOYD, the HR to Who InterviewHow has social media impacted your life in a positive or negative way?

It has been both for me, personally. One positive I could truly say is that I have been able to network with different groups- such as on Google+, I have connected with an HR group. I’ve gotten some great tips and have made some wonderful connections, such as with you. One negative is with social networking, such as Facebook, it is so easy to get sucked into drama. As someone who is going into HR and want to get my “name” out there- I try to carefully think about what I post when I go onto Facebook.

I am quite honored by your answer and remind you that I’m still learning – as are we all.  Now, shifting somewhat, what have you learned about blogging since starting your blog?

For me, learning to stay focused and centered, and to not go all over the place. Also, learning what kind of things to blog about to bring in readers and really get to know other people and their experiences that I could learn from as I get further into my HR career.

What are some of your professional goals?

I personally would love to work as a Human Resource professional in a smaller company, preferably in a government office (great retirement benefits), or maybe in the food industry- not necessarily a “chain” restaurant but something more down-to-earth diner setting perhaps. I would also love to continue blogging to the extent I have a large following- not necessarily for popularity status, but more for helping people.

We’re in the winding down stretch of this interview so I won’t take much more of your time.  Let me ask you, if time travel such as it is in Doctor Who were possible and you could meet any historical figure, who would you meet and why?

Wow….that is a great question! I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay, as I love to cook. I would love for him to give me some great pointers at how I can stay focused on cooking and get his tips on making a great Beef Wellington. I would also love to meet with Ryan and Chelsea Avery- they’re actually in Portland, where I’m from! If you’re not familiar with who Ryan Avery is, he is the youngest World Champion in Public Speaking in history at the age of 25. His wife, Chelsea, has a blog that I follow- it’s called . I get a lot of great inspiration from the two of them from keeping up on her blog and following Chelsea on Twitter.

Ok, last question. What have you learned that you would like to now offer as advice to someone else?

You’re never too old to stop growing personally, mentally, spiritually. I went back to college at the age of 37- I was a stay at home mom for 10 years and after going through 2 divorces- I found someone who believes in me and encourages me to always strive forward.

Also- don’t get sucked up into drama. We’ve got one life to live…make it the best life you can.



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Thank you, Carlen, for participating in the HR to Who Interview series.  To connect with Carlen, follow her blog at The Road to Finding My Calling.  




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