The HR to Who Interview: Rory Trotter, Jr.

Sometimes the best thing for a blogger is to be silent and let others speak.  Sometimes it is best to ask questions because you can learn so much about a person from the answers they give.  This is why I’ve started this interview series and I thank Rory C. Trotter, Jr. for being the first in this interview series.

The HR to Who Interview:  Rory C. Trotter, Jr.


Let’s start with the basics. Tell me about yourself.

Rory Trotter Interview, HR to Who, Kyle Jones My name is Rory C. Trotter Jr. I’m an HR leader specializing in Compensation, Talent Management, Employee Relations, and People Analytics. I’ve provided enterprise wide support on matters related to base pay, executive pay, and long-term incentives for a Fortune 50 company, conducted analyses of remuneration packages favorably reviewed at both the CEO and board levels, managed employee relations at the division level, and led recruitment efforts for hundreds of jobs spanning a wide range of functions, complexity, and scope. I have both an MBA and a Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I love sushi, writing/reading/thinking about HR, learning about new technical spaces via MOOCs, and watching TV show marathons (The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Revolution, and House of Lies are my current guilty pleasures).

Why Human Resources?

Because I believe tomorrow’s economy will be driven by those companies that most effectively leverage their human capital in the pursuit of innovative solutions to the 21st century’s unprecedented business and social challenges. To accomplish these aims, the best organizations will successfully use descriptive and prescriptive analytics to recruit top talent, identify and nurture said talent’s strengths, and ensure sustained productivity and innovation through the use of initiatives that both recognize and reward high performance.

If you had to choose another career other than HR, what would it be – and why?

[pullquote] I wouldn’t have guessed even 12 months ago that I would be strong in this space, but I’m actually really enjoying the learning process here.[/pullquote] I’m starting to suspect that I might have been a fantastic programmer. I’m currently learning both R and Python (the former for work-related goals and the latter for pleasure). I wouldn’t have guessed even 12 months ago that I would be strong in this space, but I’m actually really enjoying the learning process here. With that said… I think that I’m in the ideal function already. I love people management, conflict resolution, everything to do with compensation, and greatly enjoy leveraging people data to improve both business and talent outcomes.

Tell us about your blog and what caused you to start blogging.


HRtoWHO_InterviewFor this I can thank Suzanne Lucas (many know her better by the name “Evil HR Lady”). About 18 months ago I started reading her articles online and sharing them on Twitter. From there we struck up a dialogue, and she encouraged me to start a blog to share my thoughts on HR. I did so and loved it! I’ll have been blogging for a year as of February 22nd 2014, and I can honestly say that it has been an incredibly rewarding experience on both a personal and professional level.

What do you find most challenging in life?

Time management! I have *so* many things I want to do right now! I’m looking to really cultivate my strengths in the data analytics space (because that’s one of the core areas where I think businesses are going to look to our function to add value going forward); I blog every day; I manage my presence on several personal social channels; I am of course constantly looking to add value in new ways at work; I try to stay up on all the latest studies in HR (as well as reading as many 10ks and def14a statements as I can); and I’m really trying to work on my speaking skills (the strongest leaders are great communicators). Juggling all of the above while also trying to have a social life is extremely difficult. Some days there just isn’t enough time in the day!

How has blogging and social media changed you?

I am more disciplined. I’ve posted something HR related every day for 355+ days at this point. Setting aside time to write about fresh topics in the HR space and curate content 7 days a week requires me to be very organized with my time. If I’m not then I don’t have time to do anything else besides read/write/learn about HR and work! Fortunately, over time I’ve developed some very good habits that allow me to live a balanced life while also leveraging blogging and social to both expand my network and learn all that I can about HR!

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history, who would that person be – and why?

That would have to be Abraham Lincoln, who is one of the greatest people and project managers ever. I think that I could learn a lot about leadership from spending an hour with him.

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Kyle JonesI am the Human Resources Manager at Megagate Broadband, Inc. and have been with the company since June 1996.  My tenure with the company has provided experience in customer service, accounting, marketing and social media in addition to HR.

I’ve served in a volunteer leadership role on both the local and state SHRM levels.  I currently serve as Co-Social Media Director of Mississippi SHRM and  2014-2015 Social Media Director for South MS SHRM.

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