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HR is Only Human

HR is Only Human

I recently wrote a post asking the following question: Why Do You Write? Days later I discovered that this post – along with others written on this blog – made a difference to someone. This proved the point of Why Do You Write and proved that HR is Only Human.



HR is Only Human

Hr is Only Human

I’ll begin by sharing an excerpt from Why Do You Write:


The other people in the room didn’t know that I question my writing on each-and-every post. I wonder if I am worthy to write. I ask if I am wasting my time. The doubt is there. The insecurities are abundant. I wonder if I am simply kidding myself.

But, even though I just asked myself these questions again as I wrote the previous paragraph, I am now writing the next. I’m compelled to write and create. This is part of my reason for being here. I realize that now.

So, for whom do I write? I write to reach just one.

Charity Rowell

Charity Rowell, HR is Only Human

Charity Rowell, photo courtesy of HR is Only Human

I’ve never met Charity Rowell, author of the blog HR is Only Human; however, we share membership in various Google+ communities and have interacted on Google+, in general. I enjoyed Charity’s style and often blunt storytelling. (Some of my favorites are included in the reference section below.)

In October 2013 the posts stopped.

Her blog was buried deep within my Feedly and faded into (almost) distant memory.  We are, after all, constantly inundated with new content from virtually everywhere.
Then, on May 19, 2014, Charity posted a new blog post, Back to Blogging. It began as follows:


Back in December of 2013, Kyle Jones published a post called Don’t Give Up on Your Blog: Advice for First-Six Month Bloggers. When I read it, I thought about blogging again. However, after several attempts to write a post, I decided that I had managed to disappear from social media and was content to remain that way for several months.

I wrote this post several months after Charity’s last post and didn’t think my writing would impact anyone. I simply knew that there were things that had and had not worked for me and I chose to share with everyone.

Charity also commented that she missed the creative and emotional outlet and referred back to the Don’t Give Up post. It is quite humbling knowing that something that I wrote inspired someone else.


Charity in the dictionary

Charity in the dictionary (Photo credit: HowardLake)


Thank you, Charity! I am honored.




Butterfly from HR is Only Human

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