As the HR Schoolhouse Crumbles

We all change and, sometimes, change can open new doors. Change can start us down paths of new adventures. That is what my friend, Robin Schooling, did when she closed the doors to the HR Schoolhouse blog while promising to continue “schooling” us at her blog’s new home.

As the HR Schoolhouse CrumblesHR Scholhouse

I’ve often commented that Robin’s blog was one of the first HR blogs I discovered when starting my blogging journey.  So, it was a natural culture shock when I found out that the schoolhouse was closing – for good. I began writing what would have been this post before making the decision to take the post to Performance I Create instead. I’m glad I did.


So, join with me in celebrating this blog and visit Robin at her new blog, for move of the posts we’ve grown to love over hte past few years.

To read my entire tribute to HR Schoolhouse, available on Performance I Create, click here.




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