HR to WHO Third Anniversary

Time moves forward and, sometimes, time appears to move forward rather quickly.  As an example of this, it is with amazement that I, until earlier today, completely forgot that November 2015 marked the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of HR to WHO!

HR to WHO Third Anniversary

As I look back, 2015 reminds me that this year has been a year of change. I stepped outside my comfort zone and into a variety of new environments. And, as I did so, HR to WHO came right along with me. A chapter – volume – closed and I began a new adventure in a new company and a new city. But, as saddened as I may have been at the time, goodbye comes as naturally as hello in the overall scheme of life.

HR to Who Logo 2015 May 25Those of you who are repeat readers (Thank YOU!) know that I enjoy connecting quotes – specifically Doctor Who quotes – to my writings. One quote that has replayed over-and-over again has been the Eleventh Doctor’s speech in the final moments preceding his change into the Twelfth Doctor. He said:

“We all change. When you think about it, we are are all different people all through our lives. And that’s good. That’s okay. You’ve got to keep moving so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this…not one day. I swear.”

Well, those days are not forgotten, but new days are ahead. As a celebration of the HR to WHO Third Anniversary and in the spirit of the  upcoming Thanksgiving holiday next week, I will forego listing my favorite posts from the past year and extend thanks to certain individuals and/or groups who helped to make this a great year.  


Mississippi SHRM Official Logo by Kyle Jones

A Moment of Thanks

Family & Friends – You know who are you.

Mississippi State Council of SHRM – As always, my friends on the Mississippi State Council of SHRM prove the power of networking and the true and valued friendships that can be formed when serving as a SHRM volunteer leader.

C Spire – The experience of being with C Spire has been fantastic.

Doctor WHO: Podshock
Doctor Who: Podshock
– One of the highlights of the year has been thanks to one person – Louis Trapani.  Louis is the main host and creator of Doctor Who: Podshock, the longest running Doctor Who podcast. After being a listener since 2007/2008, Louis invited me to become a co-host late last year. Now MY VOICE (picture a child’s excitement) is one of the voices of Podshock – and I don’t have to wait for new episodes…I help make them. Along with Louis comes the other three regular co-hosts: Dave Cooper in the UK / and in the US: Ian Bisset and Lee Shackleford. They have each made an impact in their own way and to each I say thank you! BUT, to Louis, I give the biggest thank you for opening the door, pulling back the curtain, to bring me in as a part of the Podshock team!

Check Out #PICHRPerformance I Create Team – I love team collaboration and was excited to join the PIC team last year. Yet, 2015 brought change – for me and for PIC. While I brought my time as a writer for the site to close in October 2015, I hope my articles brought knowledge and inspiration. I thank you for your comments (on site and off) – enjoying my Doctor Who and HR spin. I look forward to collaborating with you in the future and to being a reader again. “We are all stories in the end…make it a good one!”

You, The Reader – It is to YOU, The Reader, that I thank the most. THANK YOU for taking time from YOUR schedule to read what I put to virtual paper. YOUR time is valuable and YOU are appreciated.  THANK YOU!

The Next Steps

Everything is all about the lessons we learn. I hope to take these lessons and apply them in year four.
For 2016….year four….let’s be fantastic!

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