I’m Moving

Today is March 01, 2015 and I look back and wonder where January and February went so very fast! Wasn’t it Christmas just last week – or January 1st? In my case, time has flown because I’ve been in a state of flux while making a decision that could alter my life’s journey.  

I’m Moving

Kyle Jones, CrossroadsSometimes we find ourselves at an intersection of two divergent paths.

Do we go this way?

Do we go that way?

What if we make a mistake?

What if we choose the wrong option?

What if we choose the right one and, for whatever reason, find that the choice we make isn’t what we thought it would be?


At some point we (meaning me) must stop the endless questioning and commit to the choice.  Make a decision. Make a plan. Start the change!

Last week I wrote:

I can choose option A and remain as I am or I can choose option B and be opened up to a new adventure. Option A brings comfort AND familiarity while Option B could potentially stretch my view and break the comfort zone. Option B only has one negative against it. This one negative could be inconsideration, inconsistency in organization, or willful disdain. Yet, it is the only thing that is keeping me from embracing Option B.  


The Decision

Regenerate Yourself Professionally

While a move of less than 100 miles may seem insignificant to most, it isn’t for me. It is uprooting myself from the city I’ve called home (Hattiesburg) since 1995 and moving north to the Jackson/Ridgeland area. It will force me outside my comfort zone and it may just be the greatest choice I’ve made in my life. (The pessimistic voice still whispers that I may be making a mistake and to take pause and stay in the comfort zone.)

Yet, I choose to make this decision.

I choose to pack up and head north – even if for just 100 miles.

Yes, the decision is made.

I’m moving.  

Where do you want to go in 2015?


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