The Impact of Work-Related Changes


I began this blog in November of 2012 for a variety of reasons; however, in recent months I’ve found that my writing has floundered. My resolve has wavered. My creative muse has been silenced. Yes, I’ve recently found that I don’t know what to write. The ideas form but, when faced with a blank page, the words do not come. Yet, the muse, for what it’s worth, is silent.

This creative silence is something I do not enjoy and it can be quite annoying/depressing.

There must be a reason behind this silence if I could steadily create content from 2012 (or before) until a few months ago. Could my creative block be the result of work-related changes?

Work-Related Changes

What changed in 2014? What created so much background noise that it silenced my creativity? What is the impact of work-related changes?

Day of Impact: June 10, 2014

On June 10, 2014, MegaGate Broadband, Inc. announced – in a joint meeting with C Spire executives – plans to sell the company to C Spire. The meeting was held at the Canebrake Golf Club and informed employees prior to the 8:00am press release the following morning. Ironically, I celebrated my 18th anniversary with the company mere days before on June 05.

Things were about to change.


Past Impact

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Immediately, this was reminiscent of the November 2002 announcement that Cellular One of South MS was to sell the wireless and paging side of the business to ALLTEL. The difference between that event and this one was the future. After the sale to ALLTEL, a portion of the employee base became MegaGate Broadband, Inc. I was one of those employees.

Cellular One of South Mississippi and MegaGate Broadband, Inc. differed in many ways – some small and some drastically different. My career practically began at Cellular One and transformed into who I am today with MegaGate. As of the sale to C Spire, only two other employees – both Executives – have been with the company (continuously) longer than I.

The Impact of Work Related Changes

Present Impact

How did the announcement impact me in the present? I would be a liar to say that I wasn’t saddened by the news. I would be a fool to not be speculative of the future. This is a big change and a chapter in my life is coming to a close.
I’ve worked very closely with the owners of MegaGate and that familiarity has created a level of trust. Yes, I am thankful for my time and do not look forward to the day when I may not work with one-or-all of them. While I do not know if that will happen next month, next year or xyz years in the future, I do not welcome that day. (This is especially true to saying farewell to one in particular – Aprille, the one who hired me in 1996.)


Anyone faced with an uncertain future is also faced with a variety of questions:


  1. What does this mean for me?
  2. What about my insurance?
  3. What about my pay rate?
  4. What about my job?
  5. What do I do now?
  6. What will it be like to work for this new company?
  7. Where will I go to find another job?
  8. What will it be like to start over?
  9. What do I say if someone asks me about the change?
  10. Where do I go from here?


Future Impact


While the future is uncertain, I know this to be true. C Spire is a great Mississippi company. Now, I say this not because I hope to join the C Spire team. I’ve been a customer, pre-and-post Cellular One, during their time as Cellular South. I’ve commented about things I didn’t like just as I have commented about other services.

C Spire is aware of it’s customers. Yet, in the end, can that company please every customer? No, they cannot. But, what they can do, is try.

That is something that I have noticed C Spire does VERY well. They appear to truly care about their customers. I’ve seen this in various aspects of their marketing, social media, advertisements, plans, etc. I’ve also seen this in my own interactions with them, so far.

As an example, need help and would rather send an email than call? is there to help, as is I have used the Assist for Business service and am very thankful that it is available. The alternative?  Try finding an email on Verizon’s website that allows you to email customer service! (Trust me, after a recent horrible customer service experience for a phone/mifi/home phone combo that my parents had in Collins, an email would have been welcomed.)


Will I have to prove myself again?  Yes

Will I have to start over again?  Yes

Will things be the same? No

Can I even think of all the questions?  NO


I don’t know what will happen with C Spire but I do know that this will be a very positive move for MegaGate customers. C Spire’s resources will provide the opportunity to take the customers to the next level. That is exciting.



The Impact of an Impact


The impact of these changes created the silence. When the norm becomes disruptive…when the plans are no longer viable….when the future is chaotic…when the past is falling away….the mind has to cope. For me, my mind, in all of my ADD glory, went into overdrive.

The two facts I know, to date, to be true:


  1. The Story of MegaGate is Ending.
  2. C Spire is a great company with great opportunities.


Maybe I should focus less on the things I can’t predict or change for the future and more on the right here..right now?
How do you deal with change?




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