Interview Me Not: How Late is Too Late?

We don’t live in a perfect world and, since our world is not perfect, is it realistic to expect all candidates scheduled for an interview to all arrive on time?  Or, should we be lenient and judge each case individually?

There is one thing for certain….the consideration shouldn’t apply to our friend, Molly.


Interview Me Not:  How Late is Too Late?


When we last saw Molly she had just botched any chances she might have with 123 Company.  Now, she has decided to try again. This time – believe it or not – she has an interview!  (Don’t assume she did anything to deserve it just yet.)


HRtoWHO, Interview Me Not, Hr to Who, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones HRMolly called in a favor from one of her sorority sisters from college.

 “Caroline,” she said as she lay in bed drinking coffee, “Daddy, is on me again to get a job.  Yeah, I know, right??  I’m like, really? I told him that I needed some time off after I graduated to like…travel and stuff, you know?” Caroline responds.

“So, listen, the reason I called is I need a favor.  Daddy said I’ve got to show him I’m trying and he wanted something more than me stopping by 123 Company and I told him that it wasn’t MY fault they didn’t want to interview me. That’s there problem, DUH! SO…doesn’t your sister work in Human Resources at 456, Inc?  Can you like get me an interview doing something that isn’t totally a bummer job.  Yeah….nothing like something those frumpty-dumpties who like don’t have a choice, for real, you know.”  Caroline responds.

“Text her or something and set something up. OH, but nothing before 2pm and only on next Wednesday or Friday…wait, just Wednesday….I’m going to the beach Friday.  Yeah, you should come. Set up this interview and lunch will be on me!  Well, lunch will be on Daddy!”

Believe it or not….Caroline’s sister set up the interview.


Molly’s No-Show


Caroline’s sister set the interview for 2:30pm on the requested Wednesday. She called Caroline at 2:48pm and let her know that Molly had not shown.  Caroline sent a text to Molly and her reply is as follows:

OMG! Like I tot 4got Say some come up b/c I am not going 2 this late. Hey, tell sis I said TYVM! XOXO


Let’s just say that Caroline’s sister wasn’t pleased with the response.  Molly struck again!


Late Arrival Policy

What is your late arrival policy?   Do you have one?  I recently asked this question to some of my Mississippi SHRM contacts as well as on Google+ and LinkedIn and some of their comments are listed below.

Kyle Jones, HR to Who, Danyel Rupert


Great question, Kyle. I think we probably all have some unwritten rules about interview etiquette. Personally, I like to give the candidate the opportunity to offer an explanation for their tardiness or to reschedule in the event of an emergency.


Great question! I think cell phones factor into the answer. Southern Florida traffic is very challenging……but someone could at least call.

HR Bartender, Kyle Jones, HR to WHO










Jan Farve, Jan Farve Mississippi SHRM, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones Mississippi SHRM

This is my rule. If an applicant is 15-20 minutes late, a phone call is mandatory—excuses and exceptions are taken on a one by one basis.  If it is less than 15 minutes—always make them explain why…and it better be good!



My rule is giving fifteen minutes for a no-call/no-show.  I do give some consideration if they call before the interview informing of the lateness; however, I do document regardless.


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