Lessons From A Phone Call

We put a piece of ourselves out there when we publish, post, or submit anything online. We share this piece of ourselves with the masses, and we hope the reception equals our expectations. Unfortunately, the return does not equal those expectations.  

Lessons From A Phone Call

Someone asked me to give a call around this time of the year last year. When calling, the person on the other end of the line offered a bit of, in my opinion, unsolicited advice leading me to eventually part ways with the project. I may never know the person’s intent, but I recall the deflated feeling after the phone call. And, over the next several months, I grew increasingly dissatisfied.PICHR

I made a decision to blend Human Resources and Doctor Who when I began my blogging journey in 2012. This was the brand I had cultivated. It was me. Since this call in May 2015, my journey along the human resource blogging path has languished somewhat.

My words serve as an outlet to who I am. My writing often attempts to move, inspire, and advance a conversation. I tend to move away from the negative, but I am very protective of my creations. I chose to write articles using Doctor Who quotes as the ending quote to tie up the story. Challenge me…sure. Make me better…yes…but don’t make me feel like I’m not good enough.  This single phone call…It caused me to question myself – not in a way that made me better, but in a way that made me feel less than this other person.  

What Lesson Can Be Learned?

Why do I revisit this today? Does it still bother me what the person said? Saying it does not would not be the truth. Yes, it does; however, it bothers me MORE that I allowed it to bother me – and have a performance impact.  

What lesson can be learned? I began this article by telling you that we put a piece of ourselves out there when we publish, post, or submit anything online. This is VERY true. We need to understand the simple fact that not everyone will receive what we give and return it in the manner that we want.  

I said we share a piece of ourselves with the masses. That is also VERY true. But, sometimes the masses can be represented by one or by the many. It is a disservice to ourselves to allow the negative comments, opinions, thoughts, etc. of one (or many) to blanket our own enthusiasm. Our enthusiasm does impact our performance. It is one of the things we often forget – just like the ROI of our individual time.

While I said I may never know the person’s intent, my choice is to believe this person’s intent did not equal the way the message was received. (Being totally honest, I don’t care to learn that intent.)

Why? In hindsight, I am glad it happened because it taught me a life lesson – Don’t Forget WHO you are! It also allowed me time to devote to another project that I’m 100% enjoying – and allow time for one that is upcoming.
A year later…it is time I begin creating again.  

Stop What You Are Doing

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