Listen Up! It’s Jimmy here!

Imagine driving on your morning commute. Let’s also assume you subscribe to SiriusXM, and – as part of the drive, you choose to listen to the news. (For me, I listen to CNN and I assume that this same commercial would air on Fox News, MSNBC, etc.) Listening to an audio version of cable news brings the inevitability of commercials. Some are annoying…some are ok. But, for one in particular, it is 100% totally and completely cringeworthy. “Listen up, It’s Jimmy here.”

Listen Up! It’s Jimmy here!

Television programs, regardless of the content and unless it is a subscription channel like HBO, need commercials – both video and audio. As an example, an average 30-second ad for the Super Bowl is $4.8 MIL. In the 50 years of the Super Bowl, the average has $4.5 – 5.9 BILLION! (Information courtesy of Ad Age.)

The Super Bowl is once a year, and prices for ads adjust accordingly. Brands become famous for their SB Ads. Others become infamous.  

As elitist as this may sound, I say it anyway. I do not see as a Super Bowl commercial. Actually, I wish there were NO commercials as they are today.

Target audience

Irritating Jimmy CommercialNot everything works for everyone. Yes, I know this is middle of the road, but it is true. We can’t be all alike and we cannot have the same likes or dislikes. I have to wonder WHO would be the audience that would enjoy Jimmy?? It’s a bit funny, if you think about it. My writing this serves only to add another hit to the branding. And, that’s OK. I don’t have a problem with the company. I don’t have a problem with the man who is Jimmy.  

What I don’t like is being held captive to irritating commercials that replay the obnoxious voice over-and-over-and-over-and-over. I know people who live in New York, and they do NOT sound like the Jimmy character!

Am I a Scrooge for not liking?  Maybe…but I embrace my scrooge! Maybe…find a foil to Jimmy.

What commercials irritate you the most?

Follow-Up Comment

The above is not a review of the Zyppah product – merely a commentary about the marketing used. On a positive note, I commend the company for suspending commercials with Fox News, as stated in a blog post on the company blog:

Fox News network, who recently increased their rates, will not be selling ad space to ZYPPAH, the company who features the New Yorker complaining about snoring.

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