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by: Kyle Jones

What’s your OS?

I wrote a blog post about a year ago for MegaGate providing tips on how to make a PC look like a Mac.  I had recently bought an iPhone and wanted to add my HP machine into my “ecosystem.”  So, from that, I asked. . .Who uses a Mac?  Who uses a PC?  Which is better?

Is one truly better than the other?

In my opinion, all of the questions above would certainly be answered differently based upon who was giving the answer.  A die-hard Windows user will most certainly say that a Windows based PC is the best while an Apple user would reply the opposite.  The definitive answer to this question – if there is one – won’t be answered today.  However, today let’s discuss those of us who use both brands.  Yes, it is true.  You can use a PC without being a traitor to the Mac (or the other way around).  Some of us may use a Mac for work but use a Windows PC at home.  For others, it is the opposite. (Or, so it was for me when I wrote this…now I am ALL Mac and loving every minute of it.)

What are some of the differences?

One difference between the two OS is the desktop layout as shown in these two images.

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Windows 7


Let’s assume for a moment that you prefer the Mac OS X layout.  The Windows layout traditionally places the Start Menu and icon bar at the bottom of the screen.  On a Mac, the same is located at the top and replaces the bottom bar with a customizable row of icons.  The user preferring the Mac layout comes home to use the PC and finds that he or she unconsciously moves the curser toward the top in search of the bar only to find nothing there.

(Update:  Now, with Windows 8, this is completely blown out of the water as Windows 8 has changed the entire look of the Windows OS.  I am not a fan with what I’ve seen so far.)


Make Windows 7 look like a Mac

Move the Windows Bar

What many users don’t know is, while the Windows Bar is traditionally at the bottom, it can be moved.   Simply unlock the task bar and use the mouse to drag the bar to the top of the screen.  It’s as simple as that!   Now, the start menu is at the top just like on a Mac.

Add a Dock

Now, what about the row of icons at the bottom? It’s become second nature to click on the bar when using the Mac only to not find it on the PC.

There are several third-party vendors with software that will allow Windows users to have a Dock at the bottom.  Two examples are:  RocketDock and ObjectDock.  Simply download, install, and customize.   Try them out – see what works best for you.   There are free and paid versions depending upon features and customization options.

Now you have…Windows OSX?

With just a few minor adjustments, the dual OS user now has a look that is more unified and less confusing which, in the long run, may save time.  Advanced users can even install a transformation pack which will further change the look of the PC and give it even more of a “Mac” look.  I just suggest being careful that you install one that is not going to harm your machine.  More importantly, make sure you have a backup made of your data, etc. before doing so.

What do you think?   Have you adjusted your Windows machine to look like a Mac?

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