Merry Christmas from HR to WHO

Within a few hours we will (should) discover the fate of Clara Oswald during the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special, Last Christmas. Will this be Clara’s final appearance or will her portrayer, Jenna Coleman, return for another series in 2015? Or, will the episode end with a cliffhanger forcing viewers to wait until sometime during the fall of next year before finding out what happens? It could be one or both. That, my friends, is why I enjoy Doctor Who. And, with that said, I say to each and every one of you….Merry Christmas from HR to WHO!

Merry Christmas from HR to WHO

Merry Christmas from Kyle Jones


I thank everyone who has faithfully supported this site in 2014. I hope that I’ve inspired you, made you think, made you laugh, and – sometimes – even made you cry. You are all greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a fantastic day! Enjoy the day and enjoy tonight’s episode of Doctor Who.

Podshock Live Recording

Doctor WHO: PodshockDoctor Who: Podshock will review tonight’s episode via Talkshoe on Sunday, December 28, 2014 at 4PM EST.  For more information about the podcast and how to join in, click here.  I hope to join my friends Louis Trapani and Dave Cooper once again for another great recording.

Doctor Who: Podshock is the longest running Doctor Who podcast.


Last Christmas Teaser

The BBC has released the following teasers for tonight’s episode.




The videos are shown via YouTube and are the trademarked property of the BBC. Use of those videos are intended with the sole purpose of promoting awareness of tonight’s episode. 



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