Michelle Gomez to Return as The Mistress in 2015

Fans of Doctor Who fans have probably – most likely – heard the news by now. Or, as she would say it: Please, try to keep up. What news, you ask? The news that Michelle Gomez’s “Missy”, aka The Mistress aka The Master will return for Series 9!

Michelle Gomez to Return as The Mistress in 2015

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We first saw the latest incarnation of The Master in the opening episode of the 2014 series, Deep Breath. It wasn’t until the episode Dark Water when it was revealed that Missy was short for Mistress. She couldn’t keep calling HERself the Master, now could she?

Love her or hate her….Michelle Gomez IS the latest version of The Master and the first time fans have seen a Time Lord become a Time Lady.  This wacky Mary Poppins will certainly keep the Twelfth Doctor and Clara on their proverbial toes in the next season.

Series 9

What does the new season hold? We saw – or so we thought – Missy perish in Death in Heaven. So, how did she survive? How will Clara respond to her still being alive after transforming Danny Pink into a Cyberman?

One rumour that I’ve read places Missy as an actual companion for the new series. Will this happen?


Are You a Missy Fan?

Do you like Missy? Or, would you rather she have been The Rani, another version of Clara, River, or someone else?  Let me know what you think as I would like to know your thoughts.

In the meantime, enjoy these videos showcasing the maniacal Mistress!



Meet the Master

The following video was posted on the BBC Youtube page.



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