Mississippi Human Resource Blogs: Somewhere Out There

Mississippi has an outstanding human resource network including nine professional chapters, several student chapters and a fantastic State Council.  All are affiliates of SHRM.  Yet, where are the bloggers?  Where are the Mississippi Human Resource Blogs? Are you somewhere out there?


Mississippi Human Resource Bloggers


I wrote a post on April 6th entitled A Call for Mississippi HR Bloggers and it was my hope that I would find other bloggers in Mississippi who would share in the HR conversation.Mississippi Human Resource Bloggers Kyle Jones HR to Who

The call in April:


So, it is time.  Today I put out the virtual call to all Mississippi Human Resource Bloggers!  Are you out there?  If so, it would be great to connect, share tips & tricks, successes and failures, and – ultimately – learn from each other.  Please contact me by commenting on this blog post or on social networks.


Unfortunately, the call has so far gone unanswered by anyone in Mississippi. It was answered by support shown from two of my HR friends who just happen to neighbor me to the left and the right. Robin Schooling of HR Schoolhouse (Louisiana) and Ben Eubanks of Upstart HR (Alabama) both showed their support and I’m happy to have them in my network.

Still, the wish for HR bloggers in Mississippi remains.  So, this post is my picking up the blogging phone and pressing redial.



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Are you Somewhere Out There, Mississippi HR Bloggers?


HR Blogging

I could write a blog most solely on the benefits of blogging to human resource professionals.  Actually, I am confident that one could argue that blogging is important to anyone interested in his/her personal brand; however, I will list three benefits of HR blogging:


  1. Creative Outlet

  2. Networking Opportunity

  3. Learning Opportunity


Creative Outlet

The following was included in the April 6th post:


Everyone has a voice in the blogosphere and use those voices for a variety of reasons.  Some use blogging for leisure while some use to advance their careers.  The platforms vary as, for example, some may use Blogger while some use WordPress or other platforms.  Some say a blog should only have one topic but others disagree.  (I have said in this very blog that I don’t believe in the concept of being restricted to just one topic – hence, HR to WHO.)

 There are blogs for writers, designers, sports, business, comics, television, children, radio, bands, etc. etc. etc.  There is quite literally something for just about everyone.  Need a blog for advice on parenting…yes, you can find it.  Need a blog on how to write a blog….yes, you can find it.  You’ll probably be able to find blogs about things you DON’T want to know about if you look too long!!

Regardless of the topic or the platform there is one constant – the voice.   Everyone wants to be heard and, whether we agree or not, everyone has the right to be heard.  As an HR practitioner, I know this from my own day-to-day job.


Warning: The following comment is going to be an odd statement to include in a post searching for other bloggers.

 Blogging is not for everyone.  It isn’t.  Not everyone would want to do the work.  Not everyone has the time – or chooses to make the time.  For those who do, blogging is priceless.  It is a reward of its own.


Networking Opportunity


Online networking could never replace the face-to-face interactions but they make an excellent addition. Blogging literally opens up a virtual world of amazing connections allowing bloggers to connect to professionals they may not have ever met otherwise.  It would be great to have a meeting of Mississippi HR bloggers at the next Mississippi Human Resource conference in 2014!


 Learning Opportunity


We learn by doing.  We learn by sharing.  We learn from each other.  In the end, isn’t this what blogging is all about?


Calling Again


Kyle Jones HR, Kyle Jones Mississippi, Kyle Jones SHRM, HR to WHONow I place the call…if you are out there, Mississippi HR Bloggers…let’s connect.  Let’s create.  Let’s share.

Let’s show others that Mississippi does have something to offer.





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