Mississippi Social HR: Using Traditional and Social Channels

by: Kyle Jones

Getting the Word Out

Mississippi SHRM Chapters and the Mississippi State Council have various tools that can be used to get the word out to membership (current, past and future) regarding news and events.   These tools can help maximize exposure and increase SHRM membership.

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Brand Ambassadors

Everyone is a brand ambassador.  It doesn’t matter what your role is because, if you are a chapter leader, you serve as a brand ambassador for your chapter, Mississippi SHRM and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Traditional Channels


Newsletters are tried-and-true when it comes to information.  In many ways the newsletters could be considered the predecessors to blogs.  Newsletters also serve to provide you with a starting point for your content.  And, as an added bonus, if it is in your newsletter…it should be online, too.


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Meetings are more than for networking.  The person in charge of publicity/PR/Social Media for your chapter can use events to gather information, interview members about what is going on in the workplace, take picture and much more.   Don’t lose out on a great opportunity to spread the word.

Conferences and Seminars are our way of networking with others but also taking time to learn at the same time.  Don’t shy away from these events and, more importantly, don’t shy away from technology and social media during these events.  Instead, use them to enhance the experience.

Social Channels


Does your chapter have an ACTIVE website?  The keyword here is ACTIVE.  Websites must be engaging in order to provide enough of a reason for a person to return to the site.


Does your chapter have a Facebook PAGE?  While Facebook Groups are good for information sharing, Pages provides a landing page for newcomers who are not yet affiliated with a chapter.  Again, Groups are not bad and have a great purpose but not for the social recruitment of membership.


Does your chapter have a Twitter account?  While many still shy away from the idea of Twitter, it is not a fad and can serve as another outlet for your content.  The great thing is – Twitter can be linked to your Facebook Page.  This allows you to post to Facebook and it automatically post to Twitter.   You don’t have to do anything!


Does your chapter have a Pinterest account?  If you take pictures of chapter events, post those to Pinterest.  People like visual and, to use an old phrase, “a picture says a thousand words.”

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