Who is Missy?

Who is she? What’s her connection to The Doctor? Have we seen her before? Or, could it be that she is simply a new character? Is she Romana? What’s her secret? All of these questions, if asked from 2008 – 2011/12 would have been in reference to River Song. It’s not 2012 and we know that River is (SPOILERS!). Instead, these questions apply to another character introduced in the season opener, Deep Breath. Unlike River Song, with her mysterious I can’t tell you demeanor, this character has no reservations in stating her name.  “Hello! I’m Missy.” The question is: Who is Missy?


Who is Missy?

Missy, Doctor Who, Clara Oswald

The character has been seen less than ten minutes over ten episodes, but those appearances resulted in widespread speculation as to her identity. It is a testament of brilliant writing paired with equally brilliant acting creating a mystique. Portrayed by Michelle Gomez, Missy easily steals the scene – at least for me.

She appeared in the closing scene of Deep Breath welcoming the recently deceased “bad android” to “the promised land.” With a bit of mischievous (or was it sinister) smile, she said: Welcome to Heaven. She referred to The Doctor as her boyfriend and heavily implied their knowing each other.


The speculation began.

[pullquote]SPOILER ALERT: If you do not know the identity of River Song, you may not want to read further. Or, as River would say…..SPOILERS.[/pullquote]

There have been many articles discussing the possibilities and I’m sure that my assumptions will be the same; however, based on my knowledge of Doctor Who, this is my take on those possibilities.


River Song

Missy, River Song, Doctor Who

Is Missy really River Song? This possibility is very unlikely but, in the world of Doctor Who, not impossible. What if River didn’t really give up all her regenerations to save the Doctor? Or, could a future version of the Doctor somehow restore her to life? She was, after all, saved in The Library. Could Missy be a new incarnation of River? This would help explain the he’s my boyfriend reference. Again, possible but improbable.



Missy, Romana, Doctor Who

Is Missy really Romana? Romana, over two regenerations, traveled with the Fourth Doctor and was a popular character. This popularity continued in the Doctor Who book series. Fans have speculated when/if a newly regeneration of Romana would meet The Doctor again. It is much more likely that Missy is Romana than it is for Missy to really be River.



Clara Oswald

Missy, Doctor Who, Clara Oswald

Is Missy really Clara?  The Doctor told Clara I’m not your boyfriend in the scene preceeding Missy’s first appearance. Was this Moffat’s way of hiding the truth in front of fans? We know that multiple versions of Clara were created when she entered The Doctor’s time stream. Is it possible that Missy is one of those versions of Clara?

There is a definite connection between the two but I don’t think Missy is Clara. The more likely option here is that Clara is Missy. (Yes, a play with words but think about the difference the swap creates.)



A New Character

Title Sequence, Doctor Who All New
Is Missy really just a new character? Maybe we’ve all been thinking TOO MUCH! Maybe…just maybe….there isn’t a secret to reveal? Could it be that she simply lied about knowing The Doctor?


Tasha Lem

Missy, Tasha Lem, Doctor Who

Is Missy really Tasha Lem? We met Tasha only once in the 2013 Christmas episode. Tasha could fly the TARDIS and knew the Doctor. Yes, Tasha appeared to perish at the hands of the Daleks. Could Tasha also be a Time Lord? Could Missy be an earlier/later incarnation of Tasha?


The Rani


Doctor Who, Missy, The Rani

Is Missy really The Rani? She only appeared in two classic serials of Doctor Who but, for classic fans, she was a great nemesis. The Rani, a renegade Time Lord, was a cold and callous and wonderfully portrayed by the late Kate O’mara. We only saw one incarnation of The Rani. Could Missy be a regenerated Rani?


The Master

The Master, Doctor Who, Missy

Is Missy really The Master? Fans of Doctor Who know that regeneration can result in a change from male-to-female or female-to-male. Could her name be who is really is – just in female form? I’m Missy. That might be short for The Mistress….the female version of The Master. VERY unlikely as I think it is more probable that Danny Pink is The Master than for Missy to be.

All will – hopefully – be answered in the two-part season finale. In the meantime, who do YOU think is Missy?


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