A Moment for Clara Oswald?

With only four episodes remaining in the 2015 series of Doctor Who, Jenna Coleman’s time as Clara Oswald will come to an end over the next few weeks. The question we all want to know is: What will happen? And, I am sure that Steven Moffat has a few twists and turns that are sure to leave our minds blown and our hearts – both of them – begging for more. Today, when thinking about these final four episodes, I had a moment of clarity regarding Clara Oswald. Could I be right and could this be what happens? Are these last four episodes when the trust is gone in a moment for Clara Oswald?


A Moment for Clara Oswald

The following is an attempt to piece together some hanging, in my opinion, plotlines and inconsistencies over the past several years – and how they relate to Clara. Could I be right?  Possibly…or not. Let me know in the comments what YOU think.

Time Lords and the Time War

When the Time Lords were returning in The End of Time, we saw Rassilon attempt the Final Sanction, but he was stopped by the 10th Doctor and (most notably) the Master. It was the Master who sent them – and Gallifrey back.

The End of Time

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In the Day of the Doctor and the prequels leading up to it, we see another glimpse of the Time War, but from the POV of Generals. It was mentioned that the High Council was in chambers and they were appeared not well liked by the Generals.
For me, there is a distinct shift in how the Time Lords were presented in The End of Time in opposition to Day of the Doctor. The prior being mad with war and the latter almost benevolent.  

Later, in the Time of the Doctor, we see them attempt to return using a crack in reality.  

We know it was from the Time War that Rassilon sent the sound of drums into the mind of the Master. Could it be possible that, after the End of Time, there was a plan be?


Could it be that their Moment had come?


The Masterful Missy

Missy Returns in Series 9

I’m back…now say something nice!

Viewers have yet to learn how the Master became Missy. From her comments in Dark Water, it can be assumed that Missy is the next regeneration after John Simms’ incarnation. We also know that Missy was the “woman in the shop” who gave Clara the number to the TARDIS. We also know that Missy referred to Clara as “Clara, my Clara. I have chosen well.”

While this could be a one-off line meant to do nothing more than make people ask questions – as I am doing now, what if there is more to it? What if, once we see the final four episodes of 2015, that comment takes on an entirely new meaning?!?!

What if it is all part of a Master Plan (pun intended)!?!

The Many Faces of Clara


Think of Clara’s first appearance.  Now, I ask : In which episode did she first appear?

Have your answer?

I had a theory and tested it by asking the above question to my friend and fellow Whovian, Clarence Brown. His response: The Snowmen.  

Was he right? Or, did you say it was the Asylum of the Daleks?  

From our perspective of watching the program in chronological order, Asylum is the correct answer. But, if we change our perspective to the narrative, Clara – the Clara (we believe)  to be traveling with the Doctor today – first appeared in The Bells of St. John.  

This change of perspective is key to this potential exit for Clara.  


Theory and Possible Spoiler: A Moment of Clara

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Remember the weapon used by the War Doctor in Day of the Doctor – a weapon called The Moment?

The Moment was the most powerful and most dangerous weapon in all of creation, described as the Galaxy Eater, which the Doctor intended to use to end the Last Great Time War. The Moment was capable of destroying Gallifrey, Daleks and whole galaxies within in a single moment, hence its given name.

Additionally, the Moment was able to create tears in the fabric of creation called time fissures that would allow people and objects to pass from one time period to another, possessing a trans-dimensional awareness of the past and future. It also had a sentient interface with telepathic abilities, enabling it to read the thoughts and memories of those who intended to use it.


What if the ancient Time Lords had created another device similar to The Moment? What if, like The Moment, it  could also take humanoid form?  What if that form was who we now know as Clara Oswald?


Too far out there?  Maybe….but maybe not.  

Seriously, think about it for a moment. Is it possible that the Time Lords created Clara, and, by doing so, they have manipulated the doctor all across space and time and all across his lives.  

Could that be the betrayal that is forthcoming?  We assume it is a betrayal of one-vs-one, but what if it was the Time Lords who betray The Doctor?  

Let’s assume that my theory is correct, and, if so, how does it happen?

The Time Lord’s Master (Missy) Plan

The Master was trapped in the Time War with the High Council. Would it not be safe to assume that Rassilon would not have taken kindly to The Master’s involvement in preventing The Final Sanction. So, simultaneously during the moment when the War, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors are deciding to change their minds, Rassilon attacks and wounds the already unstable body of The Master. Battle ensues between the two until the High Council, like the Daleks themselves did, notice that something was going on.  The other members of the High Council eliminate Rassilon.

The Council sees the wounded Master and, in turn for his assistance, they do as they have done before – give him a new set of regenerations. Or, at the very least, healed him to the point where he was able to regenerate. This regeneration results in Missy.  

Missy uses the appearance of all twelve doctors as a means/cover to escape being trapped.  Se is successful and carries the device with her.  At some point, device takes on the characteristics of a child shortly before the Eleventh Doctor meets her in the park. Missy also, offscreen, manipulates events so that the Doctor meets versions of Clara prior to meeting Clara-Prime.  

The Time Lords do this to manipulate the Doctor into changing the course of the Time War and use Clara as a tool. The betrayal would be discovering that Clara was nothing more than an unwilling tool who was “born to save the Doctor.”  The betrayal would be that Missy knew about it, was instrumental in it, but did not tell him. The betrayal would be the Time Lords manipulating his entire lives all to prevent their own destruction.

A Moment for Clara

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Plot points making this possible:

  • A version of Clara was seen on Gallifrey instructing the First Doctor and Susan on which TARDIS to use. In the final installment of Hand of Fear, the Doctor informs Sarah that he has been recalled to Gallifrey, but she cannot come with him since humans are not allowed on Gallifrey. The Doctor could have lied. Assuming it was not a lie, how was Clara able to meet the First Doctor?
  • Clara instructs the First Doctor to “choose this one” when he is about to steal another TARDIS. Was this Clara’s attempt to change time/influence the Doctor’s timestream?  
  • The TARDIS does not – did not – like Clara. Think back to the episodes before Name of the Doctor. During those episodes, the TARDIS did not react well to Clara, even to the point of locking her out on occasion. After entering the Doctor’s timestream, the TARDIS no longer resisted Clara, to my knowledge. Could the version of Clara on Gallifrey have caused the TARDIS to accept her later version by changing time to be the catalyst for the Doctor choosing his TARDIS? Could the TARDIS be remembering it since we’ve heard the Cloister Bell several times this series – often around events involving Clara?
  • Clara’s response to the Twelfth Doctor was, in my opinion, a bit uncharacteristic. Assuming that it is possible for her to forget seeing his “ghosts” while inside his timestream, she met the War and Tenth Doctor during the Day of the Doctor. She knew that the War Doctor was younger than her Doctor, but his face was much older. She saw the Eleventh Doctor, quite aged prior to regeneration. Why was the Twelfth Doctor’s face so much of a shock?

    A Moment for Clara?

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  • Regarding Gallifrey, we saw Clara speak to a child version of the First Doctor during the 2014 series. We must assume that this was on Gallifrey – once again she is on Gallifrey.  (Yes, Orson Pink was with them, but he did not step outside the TARDIS.) We can also assume that the same barn was used on Gallifrey when she and the Eleventh Doctor, along with the Tenth, came to the aid of the War Doctor.  
  • Clara should have been destroyed in Name of the Doctor. What if the Clara in the timestream after she entered was another copy?

CLARA: But this is what I’ve already done. You’ve already seen me do it. I’m the Impossible Girl, and this is why.

RIVER: Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t.

CLARA: If I step in there, what happens?

RIVER: The time winds will tear you into a million pieces. A million versions of you, living and dying all over time and space, like echoes.

CLARA: But the echoes could save the Doctor, right?

RIVER: But they won’t be you. The real you will die. They’ll just be copies.

  • In the Time of the Doctor, it was Clara who convinced the Time Lords to not seek his name.
A Moment for Clara?

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CLARA: You’ve been asking a question, and it’s time someone told you you’ve been getting it wrong. His name, his name is the Doctor. All the name he needs. Everything you need to know about him. And if you love him, and you should, help him. Help him.










Heaven Sent and Hell Bent


I know the last two episodes of the 2015 series is Heaven Sent and Hell Bent.  I no know more about them other than that as I do not want to spoil the ending. Based on the above, I predict that the Doctor will discover that Clara isn’t what she seems to be – and he may have already deduced it quite some time ago. This would explain the Doctor’s standoffish nature in 2014. Likewise, his more erratic/friendly tone may have been to lure her true nature to the front.

It was said earlier this year that the Doctor’s appearance in Day of the Doctor would be explained in the 2015 series. Well, we only have four episodes so time is of the essene. Perhaps the Twelfth Doctor was not there to help freeze Gallifrey with all his other selves. Instead, maybe he was there to ENTER Gallifrey!

Think about it…why would only the Twelfth Doctor come to help the others and not the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, etc.? Would it not be reasonable that the Twelfth Doctor was there for an entirely different reason?


Yes, I think we will see the Doctor return to Gallifrey before the end of this series!






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