Performance Reviews: Don’t Have A Tommy



by: Kyle Jones

The Performance Review Purpose

Why do we do performance reviews?   Do we do them because it is expected of us?  Do we do it because we want to better our employees?  Do we even do them?

Many supervisors cringe at the thought of annual and/or semi-annual performance reviews.   Regardless of which side of the isle you may find yourself on this topic, reviews are not easy.   They take time if done right.   They create potential disasters if done wrong.  They increase employee disconnect if not done at all.

Could they, instead, serve as a key to unlock possibilities? Read more

Social Media Examiner Networking Clubs

What is it?

It wasn’t too long ago that I decided I wanted to connect with others who could discuss topics ranging from Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, etc.   Thanks to Social Media Examiner, a website providing news and content about the latest social media trends, I was able to do that using their Networking Clubs.

How to Join

Social Media Examiner and their networking clubs as mentioned by Kyle Jones

There is no charge to join – completely free and it is very easy to sign-up.  You can do so using Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.   Then, once you’ve signed in, points are awarded for different activities ranging from commenting to daily sign-in.  Discussions center around three main topics: Blogging, Facebook and Small Business.

I would recommend this to anyone who would like to know more about social media.  I’ve met some great people on this site and it is something that would be beneficial to anyone interested in social media marketing or social media in general.  Check it out!

Social Media Examiner


UPDATE: BBC Reveals New TARDIS Interior


As previously mentioned, the BBC has provided a few details regarding the new TARDIS interior.  Now, the BBC has provided an image of both The Doctor – in what is assumed an outfit solely worn for the Christmas episode – standing inside the TARDIS.  The picture is shown below.  For more information on my original TARDIS post, click here.

TARDIS, HR to Who, Doctor Who

The Doctor in the NEW TARDIS interior










How do You Access Email?

by: Kyle Jones

How Do You Access Email?

How many of us have no idea what makes email work?  All we want to know is…does it work?  If not, who can fix it and make it work?  I have a question.  Do you use Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Apple Mail to check your email?   Do you ever notice that some email clients slow your computer? Read more

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