Performance I Create Captures My Attention!

I wish I had more time for reading just as I wish I had more time for writing. Actually, for that matter, I wish I had more time for just about everything. (Don’t we all?) I spent time last night reading various posts on Performance I Create. The purpose of this post is to introduce anyone who might be unfamiliar with the site and highlight a random post sampling. They’ve perfected the art of capturing my attention and I hope it is the same for you.


Capturing My Attention

I could restate the obvious about the amount of information available and the large number of blogs (various blogs for a variety of topics) online; however, I assume – if you are reading this post – you realize what I just mentioned.

So, if there is a lot of information out there, what makes one come back over-and-over to one particular blog?

My answer differs from yours as yours differs from someone else. For me, several indicators shape my decision to return to a site:

  • Content
  • Layout
  • Author Information
  • Style
  • Social Connection



Check Out PICPerformance I Create

My first impression of Performance I Create was not a single post or anything that I mentioned in the bulleted list above. What was it? It was the name and the impact the name has on the site. Yes, I know bloggers should pay close attention to the chosen name, but something about the name struck a proverbial chord within me.


I’ve always considered myself a creator. I’ve created my own super heroes, images, stories, etc. and enjoy the creation process. Creating is something that makes my inner flame radiate as brightly as the sun. It’s where I can be “in the zone” and make the most impact.

As an HR blog, performance is a proper topic. It fits.

The creators (there’s that word again) of Performance I Create could have easily called it I Create Performance and that would have worked, but they didn’t do this. Instead, they reversed the wording to create (there’s that word again!) Performance I Create.

Same words – different spin. It works!

In their own words:

Performance I Create is a contributor designed blog for professionals to share their knowledge and experience about improving performance and productivity through human performance improvement, training/learning and development, process improvement, instructional design, human resources, communication, social media, leadership, or productivity.



The 100 and the 1000

It was my honor to have a post appear on Performance I Create back in May.

The post began:

We are a number. We are a filled vacancy within XYZ department. We are a statistic. We are an expense. We are assigned these – and many more – labels during the course employment. And, when you think about it, all of the preceding is true when it comes to our position in any business.

The question is: Would these apply to a company of 100 equally as it would to a company of 1,000?

To read the entire post, click here.


PIC Posts

The following posts were chosen at random from the website. It is my hope that you enjoy them as much as I.



Check out their eBook by clicking here.





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