Sabrina Baker to Conduct Upcoming Personal Branding Webinar

The concept of personal branding is an area of interest for me. My nightly review of my Feedly account led me to a post by my friend, Susan Avello of the HRVirtualCafe.  Susan’s post shared information on an upcoming webinar by Sabrina Baker. The information that follows is about Personal Branding: Sharing Who You Are With the World.

How Do You Share Who You Are With the World?

Personal Branding, Sabrina Baker

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On April 30th at 2pm CT, Sabrina Baker will be conducting a webinar focused on personal branding. One of the things she talks about with recruiters or job seekers new to the social media space is how their personal brand affects what they are trying to do. Some of them don’t know what their personal brand is so we have to figure that out. Others have no idea how to share who they are appropriately.


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