Podshock Episode 329 Celebrating 10 Years of Podshock

Episode 329 of Doctor Who: Podshock celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Doctor Who Podshock.  The episode is hosted by Louis Trapani, Dave Cooper, Ian Bisset, Lee Shackleford, and Kyle Jones

Doctor Who: Podshock Episode 329

This episode of Doctor Who: Podshock celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the show, and it brings something very special with it. You see, the hosts of the show break the First Law of Time as we cross our own time streams.  Find out what I mean by this – and more – as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Podshock AND speculate on what might be coming for the 2015 series.

Doctor Who Podshock 10th Anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years of Doctor Who: Podshock

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Doctor Who Podshock Episode 329

Podshock Episode 329

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