Rebranding the HR to WHO Blog

I barely knew anything about blogging when I began this blog back in November 2012. And, in the years since, I’ve learned a LOT about myself as a writer and a person. The HR to WHO blog has opened doors to a world of fantastic networking opportunities – in the human resources, social media, and Doctor Who online community. Yet, over the last several months, I felt that something was missing.  Something was wrong.

Rebranding the HR to WHO Blog

The passion for the site waned. I would sit in front of a blank screen and the words would not come. It was not that I lacked motivation.  No, it was simply that my themes didn’t work any longer.  HR to WHO no longer worked on this site. You see, I made a mistake and it impacted my ability to create.HR to WHO by Kyle JonesKyle Jones, Human Resources to Doctor Who

I attempted to brand this blog as HR to WHO: From Human Resources to Doctor Who. Yet, at least subconsciously or maybe not, I limited myself. I worried too much about SEO, keywords, and if my content paired to either Doctor Who or Human Resources.

I, literally, wrote myself into a corner. 

This had to change. 

A blank page is a canvas for creation – not a place where one must overthink.  (If fact, perhaps, I was a victim of the Overthink!) This was not a failed two-topic blog. It was an evolution…a regeneration.

Changing Times

The name of the site is no longer HR to WHO: From Human Resources to Doctor Who.  It will now be Kyle Jones: My take on Doctor Who, Comic Books, Social Media, and Human Resources.

HR to Who Logo 2015 May 25What’s the difference? 

It’s something for ME that will help remove the constraints and allow me to write about whatever inspires.

The work I put into HR to WHO is not for naught. HR to WHO will continue to exist as a Facebook page, Google+ page, on Twitter, and at

This is the next step in my writing journey.  Thank you for reading!

Kyle Jones Human Resources and Doctor Who Blogger

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