Rediscovering Your Past Using Social Media

Social Media provides the means of discovering our past. We can connect with friends and relatives in vastly different ways than we did years ago. Things that were impossible are now possible.  More than possible, they are commonplace. In fact, some things have become so commonplace that we can easily rediscover our past via social media.


Rediscovering Your Past via Social Media


A longtime friend, Gwen Keys Hitt, posted a picture on my timeline this morning of the (then named) Collins Middle School faculty. Her comment below the picture read:

CMS Faculty (year unknown).  Yes, those are antlers and Rudolph noses that you see – it was a Christmas photo.



Rediscovering Your PastBefore realizing what I had done, I had verified the year and adjusted the picture. Then, I stepped back and said to myself, “WOW.”

What made the WOW moment?

Let’s take what I did as an example but go into our TARDIS back to 1995, the date when the picture was taken. Now, back in 1995, we will follow the steps as would have been done then.

  1. Gwen would have mailed the picture to me today (Thursday) or she may have called me after work asking if I remembered the picture. Let’s assume that she mailed.
  2. I would probably receive the picture on Friday or Saturday.  Let’s assume Saturday.
  3. Recognizing the picture, as I did, I would have called and said “Yes, I recognize this picture. I was taken in 1995.”
  4. I chose to enhance/crop the picture. In 1995, I would need to take it to local pharmacy or to WalMart – or a specialty camera/photo store. Even if it were done as a one-day work, it would have cost money and time to do.
  5. Assuming it was a one-day, I would either need to deliver it personally or mail it. Since I did not personally deliver this photo today (in the present), we will mail it.  Saturday mail has already come-and-gone so the photo will not be mailed until Monday.  (Also, we should note the need to buy envelope and stamps for mailing.  Since it is a larger envelope, a trip to the post office is required.
  6. The picture is mailed on Monday arriving Wednesday.


Total days from start to finish – approximately six days.


Back to the TARDIS and to 2014.

So, firmly back in the present, let us now review this morning.

  1. Gwen sent the picture via Facebook as a post on my Facebook Wall at 10:50am.  I received notification of the post.
  2. I downloaded the photo at 10:52am and cropped/enhanced it.
  3. I posted a response at 11:00am along with the updated picture.


Total time from start to finish – approximately eight minutes.


We now have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and many more. What is our excuse for not taking the time to rediscover our past?


I urge you to connect/reconnect with those from your past.

To take from a quote that has become my theme for the year:

We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all people that you used to be.





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