The Return of Negative Nell

Several months ago I created a character and named her Negative Nell. This character appeared in one story, the Negative Story of Nell, and disappeared into the Well of Unused Drafts. Now, months later, she’s making a comeback. This is the return of Negative Nell.

The Return of Negative NellThe Negative Story of Nell


What does it mean to be a negative person? Perhaps they are someone who literally taxes your patience and never has anything good to say? Maybe they always seen the negative in life and never the positive?

We all have people in our lives who are negative. It’s a fact that we cannot ignore and, if we are not careful, we may find that WE are (or can become) negative. I’ll be honest…it happens to me sometimes in periods of stress, uncertainty, etc., and I am sure it can happen to you, too.

One way to deal with a negative person, according to, is to disarm their negativity by shifting the conversation. While this may work for some, it may not work for all.  The link to the entire article can be found in the reference section below.

We first met Nell when she overheard (eavesdropped) on her boss. The goal of this post was to show that we don’t always interpret conversations correctly when we only hear one side of the story. This was the case with Nell.


The New Nell

Negative Nell Returns, Kyle Jones Mississippi, HR to Who

Bringing back Nell meant that it was time for her to receive a makeover, thanks to the fantastic character maker for iOS by Laughingbird Software. This new incarnation of Nell is ready to show us how things should NOT be done.


Examples of upcoming Nell stories are:


  • Nell as a receptionist.
  • Nell as a lab tech.
  • Nell as a call center operator.



The Negative Story of Nell

How to Deal with Negative People via


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