SHRM Affiliated Chapter Rebranding

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I spent several hours in the evenings over the last week creating various items to help with the rebranding of my local SHRM chapter, South Mississippi SHRM, making it Pine Belt Human Resources Association. While it took time away from writing my own blog posts and other tasks, it allowed the opportunity to participate in the creation go something brand new but essentially the same.  I was able to take a logo I helped create in 2007 and update it for 2014.

SHRM Affiliated Chapter Rebranding

Why did we choose to change the name of our chapter?  Being known as South Mississippi SHRM didn’t actually represent us. When using the name South Mississippi we give the impression that we cover, for lack of a better description, South Mississippi.

Would it be safe to assume that both Hattiesburg and Biloxi be included? They would be, right? They are, after all, in South Mississippi.  The reality is that they ARE both in the geographic southern part of the state but they are NOT in the same chapter.  This became a point of confusion with people new to the area and unfamiliar with the local SHRM chapters in Mississippi.

It was time for a change. Hattiesburg, Mississippi is known for being the “Hub City” and as the “Hub of the Pine Belt.” We decided, as a chapter, that the best name to represent us should be something that better represented our geographic area. Since we reside within the Pine Belt, is it not obvious that we should be Pine Belt SHRM instead of South Mississippi SHRM?

If you answered with a “YES” you would have answered as I did.


The Element of the Name

This isn’t the name we chose. Instead, we chose to rebrand as the Pine Belt Human Resources Association.

Do you know why?  If your local SHRM affiliated chapter has initiated a name change and/or you’ve recently submitted a new logo or updated your current one, you’ll understand why.

The rebranding initiative allowed me to remove my HR Hat and firmly wear my Creative Hat.  I went to work on the rebrand and am now 99% complete.


More Information

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