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UPDATE: 06/08/2013



[box type=”info”] I signed on to my Buffer account tonight, clicked on the upgrade & the $10 option was there. It looks like someone listened. So, KUDOS for the customer service! I’ve upgrade and am anxious to begin using Bufferapp.com for HRtoWHO![/box]


This post will be rather short as it is just a side-note and comment.  As most of you know, I’ve been recently reading a bit of HR blogs using Feedly.  I’ve also evaluated what type of social platforms to use and, finally, I came to a decision.  I would use both Hootsuite, IFTTT, Feedly and Buffer.

I’ve bounced back-and-forth between Hootsuite and SproutSocial; however, I find myself going back to Hootsuite each time.   I really enjoy Feedly as an RSS reader and am still learning IF This Then That (IFTTT).




Buffer would be the last component in the recipe and I happily signed on to my account today to upgrade.

I didn’t upgrade.


Well, the price was no longer $10/month but was now $19/month.  This is almost 50% over the price I had planned to pay. I know it is only an additional $9/month but it made me stop and reconsider.

Awesome Plan with Bufferapp rate

Buffer App Rate Increase

I realize that price increases occur.  That is business.  It was just very disappointing to expect something after going to the site before only to find something else when I had my card in hand ready to sign-up. I’ve read reviews and heard others mention that they like the service. I am just not sure I want to pay 50% more than the price I allotted to pay.


Alternatives to Bufferapp.com


I’ve emailed them and have attempted to contact using social media.   So far, I’ve not received a response but I know it is Friday.  I also know that there isn’t anything I can do about a price increase in a product.  I guess, if anything, I just wanted to voice my disappointment after finally deciding on a social combo only to find the rate increase.

I’m sure that the people who work for Bufferapp.com are great and have increased the price for a reason.  I don’t mean to downplay the service – not at all.  I just want to say that I’m disappointed and will have to seriously consider if I want to pay the additional rate.

In the meantime, do any of you have any awesome social media tools that you use that might be an alternative to Buffer?   If so, let me know as I’d like to find out other alternatives there might be.


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