Socially Speaking: 2000 V. 2014

I, along with my Co-Social Media Director, Susan Holland, have spent time recently working on a Social Media Toolkit for members of Mississippi SHRM. In doing this, what I found to be very interesting was the need to reprogram my mind and take myself back to 2009-2010 when my “social brain” wasn’t quite so plugged-into the network.  I had to learn to not-speak social and it made me wonder about how we speak today compared to just a few years ago.  Could someone in the year 2000 understand 2014 social speak?

Socially Speaking:  2000 V. 2014

Kyle Jones, Social Speak ImageWhile I reprogrammed my mind, at least temporarily,  I began thinking about at the lingo we use. Some of these are words that are in our everyday language but were not present 5-10 years ago. Some are words meaning one thing before but something totally different now. It can be called “social speak” or “IM chatting” or “social slang.”

According to Wikipedia:

Users sometimes make use of internet slang or text speak to abbreviate common words or expressions to quicken conversations or reduce keystrokes. The language has become widespread, with well-known expressions such as ‘lol’ translated over to face-to-face language.

Emotions are often expressed in shorthand, such as the abbreviation LOL, BRB and TTYL; respectively laugh(ing) out loud, be right back, and talk to you later.

Some, however, attempt to be more accurate with emotional expression over IM. Real time reactions such as (chortle) (snort) (guffaw) or (eye-roll) are becoming more popular. Also there are certain standards that are being introduced into mainstream conversations including, ‘#’ indicates the use of sarcasm in a statement and ‘*’ which indicates a spelling mistake and/or grammatical error in the prior message, followed by a correction.

The types of changes are many.  Let’s use Angie’s List as an example.  If I were to say “Angie’s List” in 2000 I would mean someone named Angie who had a list of books, groceries, etc. Today it means

 The Comparison

Social Media Speak by Kyle Jones

So, I ask you, imagine someone in 2000 reading the examples below. That’s what I did when  writing the comments after each. What might that person think? What do YOU think?

I liked their page.

Ok, I can understand this. Someone has a page that I like.  What about the rest of the book?

[pullquote]Let’s use Angie’s List as an example.  If I were to say “Angie’s List” in 2000 I would mean someone named Angie who had a list of books, groceries, etc. Today it means  [/pullquote]

I favorited their tweet.

First, you don’t favorited something.  That must be an error.  And, to be honest, I don’t want to imagine what this one means!

Are you in my circle?

Sorry, I have AT&T long distance.  I don’t do the friends-and-family or anything like that with the other carriers.

It’s follow-friday.

Ok, It’s Manic Monday.  Silly Saturday.  Don’t get this one.

Can you endorse me?

I would want to know what product you’re selling before I agree to endorse you.  But, I have a question for you.  HOW is it that you want me to endorse you?  Place an ad in the newspaper?  Or, do you mean like endorse a check?  


This doesn’t make any sense. Is this one included as a trick question?

I am @kylemj6977.

See the previous answer.  Don’t get it.

I no longr spell cause I have 2 limit to 140 char or less.  #twitter #socialmedia

I assume this one is written by a child in – maybe – third grade?  I’m not sure to be honest since I see the #twitter at the end. Do you mind if I ask – what is a twitter?

Just instagram me a pic.

I feel really dumb because I’m not getting the majority of these.  I know what a telegram is.  I know what a moneygram is.  You’ve got em on an instagram.  Oh, and isn’t a pic something used by graphic designers?

How many friends do you have?

I find this question rather blunt and rude.  Who asks this?  I assume maybe someone with low self esteem?

Did you check-in?

Hotel question?  School question?  Not sure.


What are some of your own favorites?  Were they any of the above or were they something different?


Constant Contact offers a great list of Social Media terms.  To view the list, click here.

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Kyle JonesI am the Human Resources Manager at Megagate Broadband, Inc. and have been with the company since June 1996.  My tenure with the company has provided experience in customer service, accounting, marketing and social media in addition to HR.

I’ve served in a volunteer leadership role on both the local and state SHRM levels.  I currently serve as Co-Social Media Director of Mississippi SHRM and  2014-2015 Social Media Director forSouth MS SHRM.

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