Human Resources: Inspired by Tabatha Takes Over



One of my favorite reality-based programs is Tabatha Takes Over on Bravo. The show’s central figure, Tabatha Coffey, visits a different business each week and….you guessed it….takes over.

What if, instead of a hair salon or coffee shop, Tabatha took over a Human Resources department?

Tabatha Coffey


Let me begin by providing background, courtesy of, on Tabatha.

Tabatha CoffeyTabatha Coffey (born 17 May 1969) is an Australian hairstylist, salon owner, and television personality. Her participation as a contestant on the television show Shear Genius led to her own fame in the USA. She was given a television show, Tabatha Takes Over, which airs on the U.S. cable television network Bravo. In Australia it airs on Foxtel‘s pay television network Arena as well as on Network Ten.

I don’t recall her appearance on Shear Genius but I do remember watching the first episode of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, as it was originally called. I was hooked instantly. The program’s formula finds Tabatha coming to a failing business and taking over for one week. Upon arrival, she declares to the staff:

Attention, everyone.  I’m Tabatha and I’m taking over.  I’ve cancelled all your appointments for the week and in that week everything is going to change. And, at the end, some of you may be working here and some of you may not.




The shows segments consist of the following:

  1. Undercover
  2. Inspection
  3. Assessment
  4. Reopening
  5. Final Recommendations
  6. Follow-Up


Human Resource Takeover


This post was inspired by the most recent episode.  The owner of the nail salon acted as if she didn’t know anything about management.  What was her previous role?  HUMAN RESOURCES!!!  So, there is be a post coming soon about an imaginary visit to an HR department from Tabatha!

Tabatha Takes Over

Stay Tuned!

What if we had the opportunity to meet Tabatha?  What if Tabatha came and to our own HR department and declared that she would take over???  Would we be scared of what she would find? Or, would we turn her loose, instead, on the companies we work for day-in/day-out?   Or, would she walk away with nothing to change?






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