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Doctor Who Series Eight Review Scheduled


Doctor Who: Podshock will be live this Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 4pm EST. The crew will review the entire season of Doctor Who.  For more information, click the following link:


Podshock Reviews Series 8


Doctor Who Podshock Series 8 Review, Part 2

I said earlier in Part OneWe waited for the Doctor!  Now, after a season that was hit or miss with many fans, it is difficult to imagine we are finished with the first series of the Twelfth Doctor. He arrived and took Doctor Who fandom by storm. This isn’t Eleven or even Nine or Ten! This Doctor is a man unto himself – for better or worse.



Doctor Who Podshock Series 8 Review, Part Two

My friends at Doctor Who Podshock have faithfully hosted a live call in show each Sunday. The purpose of the calls – review the episode airing on the previous day. I’ve been a guest caller on all but two of this season’s episodes. (AND…I hope to one day take a larger role, too!)

To listen to the shows, click on the pictures below.  As always, fans of the show are encouraged to become Podshock Supporting Subscribers.

Series 8, Episode 8 – Mummy On the Orient Express


Doctor Who Podshock Episode 314

Series 8, Episode 9 – Flatline

Doctor Who Podshock Episode 315

Series 8, Episode 10 – In the Forrest of the Night

Doctor Who Podshock Episode 316


Series 8, Episode 11 – Dark Water

Doctor Who Podshock Episode 317

Series 8, Episode 12 – Death in Heaven


Doctor Who Podshock Episode 318


Flashback to the Start of Series 8, Episode 1 – Deep Breath