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Be Better Than Yesterday

Be Better Than Yesterday

We are all a work in progress – every single solitary one of us. And, no matter how much we achieve, we can learn something else. Human Resources, as a profession, learns from the trends, the job forecasts, and so much more. We learn something from each candidate who interviews for an open position. We learn from the failed project as we also learn from the one that was a success. In the end, perhaps, we should all strive for one thing. What is that one thing? Be better than yesterday!
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#PICHR: Posts from November

This month marks a milestone for me as I officially joined the ranks of Performance I Create as an official blogger. It is my hope to share the #PICHR message with as many readers as possible and, to do that, I will begin posting a monthly summary of links to Performance I Create content. There are many great authors on the site and I hope you take a moment to read, comment, and enjoy.

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Taking A Timeout

Taking A Timeout

I have often said that I love technology. So, to be clear, let me say it again: “I LOVE TECHNOLOGY.”BUT…(you knew there was a “but” coming, didn’t you?) we live in a society that becomes more connected each day. We simply do not disconnect anymore. When was the last time many of us took a sick or vacation day and didn’t do ANY work? Do you feel like you really did not disconnect? I do not and, for many, I would assume the same could be true for you. Could it be we should sometime take a professional timeout??? Read more

Mississippi Hurricane Preparedness Guide


Hurricane Season brings with it memories of natural disasters. Mississippi is no stranger to those disasters as storms named Camille and Katrina – amongst others – have delivered devastation to our area. While response post-disaster is vital, preparedness prior is of equal importance. Read more

From The Vault: 10 Steps to Creating a Blog Post


10 Steps to Creating a Blog Post

Creating a blog post is difficult. Yes, it can be fun. It can be rewarding. It can be frustrating. It can be quite a few more things, I am sure, for different people. What it is not is sitting down and writing the perfect first draft. Creating a blog post takes practice and it takes time to find what works for you. The information that follows is my 10 Steps to Creating a Blog Post.Ten Steps to Creating a Blog Post Read more

Performance I Create Captures My Attention!

I wish I had more time for reading just as I wish I had more time for writing. Actually, for that matter, I wish I had more time for just about everything. (Don’t we all?) I spent time last night reading various posts on Performance I Create. The purpose of this post is to introduce anyone who might be unfamiliar with the site and highlight a random post sampling. They’ve perfected the art of capturing my attention and I hope it is the same for you. Read more

The HR to Who Interview: Tim Barry

HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Tim Barry 

The HR to WHO Interview: Tim Barry

I connected with Tim Barry about a year ago and have enjoyed our interactions online. When considering someone for this HR to Who interview, Tim was the obvious choice. Why? After interviewing HR pros in the US and the UK, I thought it was time to expand the borders a little more so I choose South Africa. I invite you to take a journey with me on this HR to Interview with Tim Barry. Read more

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