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Episode 004 of Discussing Who Doctor Who 2015 Finale

In episode 004 of Discussing Who we discuss the finale of the 2015 series of Doctor Who. How did we rate the exit of Clara Oswald? Listen and find out! Hosted by Kyle Jones, Lee Shackleford, and Clarence Brown.

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Discussing Who Episode 004

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Episode 04: Review of Hell Bent and Heaven Sent, Doctor Who 2015 Finale


Discussing Who Episode One

Discussing Who Episode One

Discussing Who: Episode One

Welcome to the first episode of Discussing Who! I join my friends Clarence Brown and Lee Shackleford for the first episode of our new podcast.

In this episode, we introduce ourselves, talk about what to expect from Discussing Who, and talk about what comes in 2016 for Doctor Who.

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The worlds of science fiction, comic books, and Doctor Who collide within the Discussing Who podcast. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford. Discussing Who features interviews, reviews, news, and more. Who (or what) will we discuss next?

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Episode 01: The First Episode

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