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A Vote for Steve Browne is a Vote to Find the Extraordinary

My friend and fellow #PICHR contributor, Dave Ryan, mentioned Steve Browne’s upcoming consideration in the annual election of the SHRM Board of Directors when recording our first episode of the upcoming Performance I Create Podcast. I, along with Sarah Williams, Heather Kenzie, and Tiffany Kuehl, all agreed…Steve Browne ROCKS! A quick search led me to another friend, Matthew Stollack, who had also mentioned Steve.  Read more

Thank You, Dorothy Knapp

I first met Dorothy Knapp back in 2008 or 2009 at a meeting of the Mississippi SHRM State Council. Dorothy was assigned as Mississippi’s Regional Field Service Director by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and, as part of her job, she attended our meeting. I can only speculate what type of impact she might have had on other chapters, councils, etc. within her domain. (After all, the Bahamas are also part of her assigned area!) However, from my own observations, I feel confident in saying that her impact was felt and will continued to be made on those areas going forward. Read more

14 Posts from #SHRM14

It is no secret that I wanted to attend the SHRM annual conference in Orlando this year. It’s also no secret that changes at work prevented my attendance. I believe that things happen for a reason and will anticipate attending in 2015. In the meantime, my absence didn’t prevent experiencing the event second-hand. To do this, I randomly picked fourteen posts written during and/or about #SHRM14. The following are those posts.


14 Posts from #SHRM14

HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, Mississippi HR Conference

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I am certain there were other posts. Please share your personal favorites in the comments.

A Review of Skillz Drillz

Jan Farve, Workforce Readiness Director for Mississippi SHRM and 2014-2015 Chapter President for the Pine Belt HRA, won a SHRM Pinnacle Award in 2012 for her Skillz Drillz program.  I’ve written previously about Skillz Drillz on this site and other blogs. Now, while Farve transitions the program into a new phase and as she moves into an advisory role within the program, we take a look back on some of the Skillz Drillz highlights.


A Review of Skillz Drillz

Skillz Drillz, a SHRM Pinnacle Award winning program created by Jan Taylor Farve, CSP, PHR, teaches fundamental skills to Mississippi at-risk youth.  It began in 2008.  Farve said the following in 2012 when asked about the program’s focus:

Jan Farve of Mississippi SHRM and South Mississippi SHRM featured on HR to Who by Kyle Jones

That could be answered in several ways and might differ depending upon who you ask.  A large part of the program is to encourage students to have a desire to plan a career path while seeking ways to succeed at that plan.  Surveys show that the students who have completed the program, at a rate of 57%, have increased visits to school career counseling, work study programs, internships, and college prep classes.


Reaching the Pinnacle

SHRM recognizes outstanding achievement with the Pinnacle award. This award, according to SHRM:

The Pinnacle Award Program is designed to recognize outstanding achievements in chapter/state council development and contributions to the advancement of effective human resource management. All SHRM professional chapters and state councils are eligible to compete in this program. Winners will each receive a $1,000 grant presented at a chapter/state council meeting with special recognition in SHRM publications and during the Leadership Conference. 

Information courtesy of SHRM.ORG

Jan Farve's Skillz Drillz

On November 25, 2012, Farve received a Pinnacle Award for Skillz Drillz on behalf of Mississippi SHRM.


Jan Farve’s Skillz Drillz wins SHRM Pinnacle Award for Mississippi SHRM.

Alexandria, Virginia – Jan Farve, Mississippi SHRM Workforce Readiness Director, received the SHRM Pinnacle Award on behalf of the Mississippi State Council of SHRM at the annual SHRM Leadership Conference tonight.  This event is held annually in Washington, DC.  Farve received this award along with other Mississippi SHRM State Council members and Dorothy Knapp, SHRM Field Services Director.

“I can’t stop shaking,” Farve said shortly after the announcement.  “This is such an honor to be recognized for a program that means so much to me.”  


Jan Farve of Mississippi SHRM wins Pinnacle Award.

Members of the Mississippi State Council of SHRM.

On May 01, 2013, Farve was recognized for her award at the 18th Annual Mississippi Human Resource Conference & Expo. The following video and additional information was posted on May 02.


This video was taken at the Mississippi SHRM conference yesterday and is followed-up by a compilation of Jan Farve’s One Moment in Time during the 2012 SHRM Leadership Conference when her program, Skillz Drillz, won a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Pinnacle Award. Featured in the video are other members of the Mississippi SHRM State Council who attended the event in November.





Congratulations, Jan, on a job well done.


More Information

To learn more about Skillz Drillz, click here.

To learn more about the Mississippi State Council of SHRM, click here.

To learn more about the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), click here.





Game of Certification

Quiet.  All was quiet as those who inhabited the World of HR went about their daily lives. Ruled by two Houses, House SHRM and House HRCI, a peace existed. Unfortunately, peace could not withstand the oncoming storm. Change was coming but it was not a change expected.  Or, was it? This, my friends, is the World of HR. This is a game of certification.

Game of Certification, Kyle Jones, HRCI, SHRM, Mississippi HR, HR to WHO

Game of Certification


I received an email from Elissa C. O’Brien, SPHR, on May 12, 2014.  This email, with subject SHRM Board Approves Plans for New HR Certification Based on Competencies, announced changes coming in 2015.

A paragraph stated:

SHRM plans to offer the first exam for the new competency-based certification in mid-2015.  However, to ensure that no applicants are disadvantaged by this transition, SHRM will continue to support the PHR and SPHR certifications programs through the December 2014 – January 2015 test window.  Other exams will be supported through their last test window in 2014.


This was simple. SHRM had decided to go a different direction with certification. Right?

If only it were that simple. House SHRM had spoken and pronounced themselves sole proprietor of SHRM certification.  House HRCI chose to quickly respond.

This is where it became confusing. A counter release from the HRCI stated:


You may have seen the recent announcement regarding the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) board approval for a new HR certification.

We wanted to let you know that this announcement will have no impact on any of the HR

Certification Institute’s (HRCI) portfolio of certifications. We will continue to develop and administer the PHR®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHR/SPHR-CA®, HRBP® and HRMP® and our other high-quality certification products to meet the needs of the HR profession.


Basically….game on!


The Community Reaction


To me, it was clear. House HRCI had been blindsided and one might wonder if they released the statement in anger/frustration. One announcement painted a picture of one replacing the other while the other announcement stated the opposite.Kyle Jones, SHRM, HRCI, Game of Certification, HR to WHO

The result? Confusion among the HR community.

HR bloggers did as I am doing now – expressed their views in written form.


Some notable articles are:


SHRM’s New Certification is a Money Grab! – The Tim Sackett Project

New #SHRM Certification Raises More Questions than it Answers – True Faith HR

Conscious Uncoupling – HR Style – HR Schoolhouse



My View


Change is good.

Change happens and we can’t stop change; however, we can control how we package the change. SHRM did this by controlling who knew beforehand and – more importantly – who did not. SHRM chose to leave it’s best resource – and revenue source – in the dark.  Who? The membership. It left in the dark those who are normally called upon serve the profession. Who? The volunteer leaders.


My original thought:  

Why leave the volunteer base in the dark? Wouldn’t it be in SHRM’s best interest to educate the volunteers and use them as a component of the PR machine?


After I thought about it:

What if SHRM wanted to make a complete break from the HRCI? Would it be possible to alert the volunteer base and not alert – even by accident – the HRCI? After all, the number of SHRM volunteers number in the thousands.These are non-paid positions so the possibility of confidentiality with such as large number of volunteers would be questionable.  


Was this a botched PR job?  Maybe.

Was this the way it had to be to make a break from House HRCI?  Maybe.

Did House SHRM do a questionable job in the rollout of this new certification?  ABSOLUTELY!


Who will win in this Game of Certification? My bet would be on House SHRM. Regardless, when the dust settles, I hope lessons are learned and the HR community is strengthened as a result.




Committing to Your Profession: To Do or Not To Do?


by: Jan Farve, PHR, CSP, ERS, CMSA

As Human Resources Professionals, we know the value of a sacred minute, the value of completing a “to-do” list, and the value of a stolen moment to focus on something outside of work; however, do we really work smart, or do we work hard at working hard?  Life can often become an endless string of phone calls, emails, and meetings.  When you add family in the mix, along comes another string of ball practices, sporting events, recitals and school programs.  Where do we find that balance between our “LIFE” and our “WORK” that is so valued and rare?

Committing to Your Profession:  To Do or Not To Do?

To Do Or Not To Do, HR to Who, Jan Farve, SHRM, Kyle JonesI’ve found that making that inevitable “commitment” to being a HR professional, often leads one to feel as though they are leaving the rest of their life behind.  That is so often what happens, resulting in inevitable burnout.  I encourage each of you to focus on what SHRM can do for you.  I am not going to preach about membership, or try to explain away the costs of membership…however; I will share with you what being committed to my profession has brought me.

My Journey With SHRM

Years ago, I started this SHRM journey, just because I’m an addict to service, and find it hard to say “no” when I asked about volunteering for something.  I’m glad I said “YES”!  This path has not only led me to know some of the greatest mentors I’ve ever met, but also, it has placed some of the best friends in my life, that I’m forever grateful for!HRJourney

SHRM provides a network of knowledge, some check yourself moments, and mentors that each HR practitioner will/could benefit from.  National SHRM provides an endless website of information, and your local SHRM provides connections.  Those connections, if you commit to them, will fastly become a chain of support that eases your stress in HR, and can be a value to your profession you may have never noticed.

TIP: Use those connections to help you talk through a situation at work, be a sounding board for a great idea, or give you ideas that could make that job “working smarter, not harder”.

This makes your work life much easier to balance with your home life.

Balancing Act

I encourage you all to be committed enough to your profession; to utilize the facets that SHRM can offer, and encourage others you know to do the same.  The value of knowing someone is there to call, someone to ask a question, or someone to gather “out of your box” thinking is just like having an HR Mastercard…it’s PRICELESS.  This makes committing to your profession a TO DO!

I would like to invite anyone who has not registered for the 19th Annual Mississippi SHRM Human Resource Conference & Expo to do so.  Visit http://msshrm.org today to register!


5 Things to Expect from 2014 @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat

I will have the honor to attend the Mississippi SHRM Leaders Retreat next Friday and Saturday in Meridian, Mississippi. This retreat has become an annual event. I look forward to seeing everyone next week.  So, I hope everyone will share my excitement as I list my 5 Things to Expect from 2014 @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat.


@MSSHRM Leaders Retreat

Mississippi SHRM, @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat, Kyle JonesThe purpose of the Mississippi SHRM Leaders Retreat is to provide orientation, networking and educational information to current and/or new SHRM volunteers in Mississippi.


#1 Mississippi SHRM State Council Meeting


The State Council of Mississippi SHRM is expected to meet next Friday. Plans for the upcoming 19th Annual Mississippi Human Resource Conference & Expo will be reviewed and finalized. This year marks my sixth year of participating in the behind-the-scenes planning of the event. My advice to anyone who attends any event is this: There is much more that goes into event planning than most realize.

I look forward to seeing the Council members, too!  Added bonus!


#2 Visit from Dorothy Knapp of SHRM

Dorothy Knapp of SHRM, @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat

Dorothy Knapp, Field Service Director for Southeast Region, SHRM

Weather and conditions permitting, the event will see a visit from Dorothy Knapp, SHRM Field Service Director for the Southeast Region. Dorothy is a great resource of SHRM knowledge.  She has been a voice of encouragement as I’ve moved along my professional volunteer journey with SHRM.




#3 MSU Riley Center


MSU Riley Center Logo, @MSSHRM Leaders RetreatOur retreat will be held at the MSU Riley Center. I’ve never been but I am excited based on the pictures I’ve seen.


The following information is taken from the Riley Center’s website:


MSU Riley Center, @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat

Located in the heart of historic downtown Meridian, the MSU Riley Center opened its doors in September 2006 to offer cultural, artistic, and educational experiences like no other in the region. The multifaceted center attracts 60,000+ visitors to downtown Meridian annually for conferences, meetings, and performances. The center includes a fully restored 1889 grand opera house theater that seats approximately 950, a 200-seat studio theater, and 30,000 square feet of meeting space, including a large exhibit hall, breakout rooms, and boardrooms, all equipped with teleconferencing capabilities and built-in technical features to create the optimal meeting environment.

#4 The Trio Rides Again

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with two area HR pros to 95% of all SHRM events since November 2008. Our first trip together was to the SHRM Leadership Conference in November 2008. They – Jan Farve and Amanda Ford – have become two of my favorite from my HR circle. To read an article I wrote about Amanda, click here. To read an article I wrote about Jan, click here.


#5 Social Media Session with Curtis Midkiff

Technology will provide me the chance to meet and moderate (or maybe facilitate – either word is good) a closing session on Social Media with Curtis Midkiff. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Curtis in person during his tenure as SHRM’s Go-to-Guy for Social Media; however, he has graciously agreed to present at our event. He will be “attending” the event via Google Hangout.

I’ll update more information during and after the event.

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