The Crossroads of Option A & B

We walk many roads along our life’s journey. There are some with a path so brief that they almost seem nonexistent. Almost, if we are honest, irrelevant. Then, there are other roads – paths we walk from year-to-year that progress and age just as we do. Sometimes there comes a point along our journey when we are faced with a road which branches into two distinct directions. We arrive and stand at a crossroad with a choice to make. Which way do we go?

The Crossroads of Option A and B

Our future is yet to unfold and that is something that I find difficult not to have complete control.

Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, Kyle Jones HR, Kyle M Jones

The road to inspiration

I’m faced with a personal decision and stand at a crossroads right now that will carry me down one path or another. So, as I contemplate that decision and using imagery of the journey to illustrate, I look for signs to help in the choice.

It’s All About Making Decisions

I can choose option A and remain as I am or I can choose option B and be opened up to a new adventure. Option A brings comfort AND familiarity while Option B could potentially stretch my view and break the comfort zone. Option B only has one negative against it. This one negative could be inconsideration, inconsistency in organization, or willful disdain. Yet, it is the only thing that is keeping me from embracing Option B.  Kyle Jones, Crossroads

Option B or A or A or B. I was so sure that B would be my choice mere days ago, but the obstacle keeps being…well, an obstacle.

It’s all about making decisions. I read an article today about seven questions to ask when faced with a life decision. While all of the questions have merit, one caught my attention:

Who am I really doing this for?

I regret the vagueness of the story, but I needed to put my thoughts to words and those words to virtual paper. Perhaps, instead of viewing the negative as an obstacle, maybe I need to communicate rather than assume that communication is received?

So, what does the above tell us about life?

What might it teach me?

I have a decision to make. Simple as that.


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