The Writing Lesson of Marey

Meet Marey.

Marey is a journalist, blogger, and freelance photographer. She teaches writing classes at a local community college during the spring and spends the fall (usually) working on holiday projects, events, and sponsorships.  

The Writing Lesson of Marey

One day Marey wakes up and decides it is time to write the book. Yes, THE book – the one she keeps telling herself she will write. With coffee brewing, she showers, dresses, and pours a cup. 

The phone rings. It’s Bobby, her editor at the local paper. The call is quick.  There’s work to be done and, with a few sips of coffee, Marey is out the door.

Actions Speak Quote by Kyle Jones

A few weeks later Marey wakes up and thinks about the book. It’s Saturday – a great day to begin writing. Wait….it’s Saturday….well, not just ANY Saturday….the Fall Festival is only week
s away and there’s a committee meeting this afternoon. Sunday is booked so that means Marey has to buy groceries, return an overdue book to the library (yes, she still uses the library), and wash her car before heading out of town next week.  No time for writing today.

A few months later Marey wakes up and thinks about the book. It’s Saturday again. Good deal! No plans today. Mary repeats her method of getting into the writing spirit. It’s time to start writing. She brews coffee, showers and dresses, pours a cup, and sits down at the computer. A blank page doesn’t distract because Marey finds it to be a challenge. Defeat the blank page by writing something – anything – on it. And, throughout the day, she does just that! It’s 9:30pm before she realizes she’s barely left the computer all day.  

Marey takes a long bath and goes to bed shortly after 11pm. She’s proud – thankful – of her accomplishments of the day. The basic outline of what she’s wanted write for all these years has been mapped out in her head. Random research and a few notes have been created and saved to file. Even better, Marey has a plan. Tomorrow she will put the entire outline to paper..well, to virtual paper. Excited Marey goes to sleep.


Marey does not wake the next day.

Care for others. Meet your deadlines. Fulfill your obligations. But, please, don’t delay your dreams.


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