From The Vault: Goodnight, Matt Smith

We are days away from the first full episode of The Twelfth Doctor. Join me as we say one final goodnight, to the beloved Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith.

The Doctor regenerated on the 2013 Christmas episode, The Time of the Doctor.  Millions around the world watched as Matt Smith made his last regular appearance as the enigmatic character.  An era ended as a new one began while the Matt Smith regeneration scene will not soon be forgotten.

Goodnight, Matt Smith

As River Song would surely say….SPOILERS if you’ve not yet seen the episode.

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith’s casting was originally questioned by many fans who speculated he was too young for The Doctor.  Would he be able to fill the shoes of the departing David Tennant.  After all, Tennant took the characters popularity to levels unseen since the days of Tom Baker.Doctor Who Eleventh

I questioned it, too.  I questioned the fist episode still missing the beloved Tenth Doctor.

Matt Smith did not disappoint.  In fact, he surpassed all expectations creating a doctor who showed childlike fascination one moment and an ancient wisdom in the next.  He made us love the Doctor all over again.

He helped raise American awareness of the program and, in my opinion, was the perfect Doctor to herald the 50th anniversary celebration.50th Anniversary Pre-Show

Fans will look back on the Matt Smith Era years from now and note that it was during his years that many important things happened that will be felt for decades to come.  An example? Five simple words – The Story of River Song.

Smith Era Highlights

Since his first appearance in 2010 . . .

  • We met the Girl Who Waited.
  • We met the Last Centurion.
  • We learned to like a Sontaran.
  • We learned to like a Victorian Silurian.
  • We thought bow ties were cool.
  • We wore fezzes.
  • We ate fish fingers and custard.
  • We knew beans were evil.
  • We wept as the Angels took Manhattan.
  • We read the last page and learned the story of how it ends.
  • We ran..and remembered.
  • We got married.
  • Silence fell when the question was asked.
  • We found cracks in our walls.
  • We saw a secret revealed.
  • We went from eight to nine.
  • We changed our minds.
  • We met a Bad Wolf before we found a Rose.
  • We decided we could be a curator.  We thought we would make a great curator.  We could retire and be the curator of this place.  Someone told us that we just might.
  • We cried as a new cycle was given and answered an age-old debate.
  • We redecorated and didn’t like it.

We wept as the Raggedy Man was told Goodnight.

Kyle Jones' HR to Who features Doctor Who Timeless Quotes

After filming and according to the Daily Mail, Matt said: ‘Everyone who’s supported Doctor Who and watched, this is it. This is the end and it’s been amazing. I feel quite emotional so [breaks down in tears]… thank you. Thank you very much.’


And with that,…we await 2014.  Tears are replaed with anticiation .  But, as you said, …

Amy Pond, Doctor Who, Time of the Doctor

“I always will be. But times change, and so must I… we all change. When you think about it, we are all different people, all through our lives and that’s okay, that’s good! You’ve gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day. I swear.

I will always remember when The Doctor was me.

So will the millions of fans who will also remember when The Doctor was You.

Thank you and goodnight, Mr. Smith.

Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Time and The Doctor, Kyle Jones

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