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Waiting on Who

Patiently awaiting iTunes to upload the Doctor Who Christmas episode, The Snowmen.   I wasn't able to see it last night thanks to Comcast.  (I'll post more on that later.)  Good ever-dependable  Comcast - they know how to ruin Christmas!!

About The Author

I am an avid fan of science fiction, comic books, and Doctor Who. I am a Recruiter by day and blogger by night. I am a co-host of Doctor Who: Podshock, the longest running Doctor Who Podcast.

  • ComcastMark

    Sorry for the trouble. If you still need help, please feel free to contact us.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

    • Kyle Jones

      Mark, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, this is empty comfort as the only thing that comes from Comcast is apologies for poor customer service. You see, if Comcast TRULY offered the level of service that is stated that they profess to offer then there would not be constant complaints from customers at how poor your service rating is. I've looked online over the past few days and it seems that Comcast is having customer service issues not just in Hattiesburg but many other places, too. I do know this - I would cancel cable service AND do without Internet before I would EVER recommend the local office in Hattiesburg. There is one lady in there who ( even though it has been years ago but I understand she still works there) was the WORST example of customer service that I have EVER had in all my experience dealing with businesses.

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