What Can We Learn From Our Mistakes?

What Can We Learn from Our Mistakes

What can we learn from our mistakes?

I have a problem making mistakes. Why? I don’t think I am perfect.  I am far from perfect.  So, let me say it again, I have a problem with my OWN mistakes.

I do not want to disappoint. I do not want to be less than great. The reason is the importance.  If doing a good job and in completing the project assigned. In the end, when all is said and when all is done, I do not want to mess up.

Would it be better if making mistakes was okay? (This goes against everything most of us are taught as children.)

Could we begin to focus on learning from our mistakes rather than focusing on the mistakes themselves?

If we acknowledge the mistake, does it not create an opportunity to learn?

By learning, do we grant ourselves the wisdom to prevent the mistake from repeating?

Could the fear of mistakes create self-doubt? Perhaps. (For more on self-doubt, read my recent article in PerformanceICreate.com by clicking here.


The key is acknowledgment.

We have to acknowledge the mistakes we made. Then, we must search for the lesson hidden within. It is as simple as that!

Again, the result is quite simple.

This acknowledgement would rewrite the narrative. We might no longer be beholden to our fears of making a mistake and, in turn, be enriched by them instead.

Think about it for a moment. When you make a mistake, do you go over it again-and-again in your mind? Do you obsess over it?

What would you do differently if you embraced the mistake as a lesson to be learned?

I’m curious as to your responses. Please comment and share your opinions on mistakes – and the lessons they hold.

What can we learn from our mistakes?


What Can We Learn from Our Mistakes?

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