What have you done that makes you happy lately?

How Are You by Kyle Jones

I received an email yesterday from someone who I’ve never met. She’s someone who lives approximately 3,500 miles away. We’ve only communicated via Skype, email, and social media. HR serves as the common link that ties together two people who, for all practical purposes, would/should/could never meet 40-50 years ago.

What have you done that makes you happy lately?

I could easily discuss, and may do so at some point, how social media tears down distance barriers between us all. Instead, for this post, I’ll focus on a random act of kindness.  

How are you?

How many of us send emails asking about someone else? It’s a fair bet that all of us add “How are you?”

Am I right?  

How Are you?
Do we really read the responses?  Better yet, do we REALLY take the time to think about the person when we ask “How are you?”  Has the “How are you?” become the norm along with “Dear” and “Sincerely”? For me, I often begin with “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.”  

What have you done that makes you happy lately?  

Heather Kinzie, Leading SolutionEffort. This question prompted me to THINK. My response required EFFORT. Yes, with an evening cup of coffee beside me, I had to THINK about my answer.

This person…who I’ve never met…made a positive impact upon my day. I didn’t respond with the generic “I’m doing good.  How are you?” I actually blabbed about this-and-that.

We often do not know the impact we have on those around us. We, in our routines, fall victim to tunnel vision – not seeing what is in front of us or realizing that which we may never know. We – myself included – need to be aware of our actions and the impact we may have on others.  

Without sounding somber, one truth holds universal application to all – regardless of race, age, sex, religion, politics, ethnicity, etc. Each person is born with a limited amount of time. It is how we choose to use that time that, in the end, truly matters. We can make others happy – or we can not.  We can also create our own happiness.  

Thank you, Heather Kinzie, for taking the time yesterday to ask the question:  What have you done that makes you happy lately?


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