Where is Donna Troy?

Where is Donna Troy?

Where is Donna Troy? This is my question to DC Comics. I realize that Donna has recently returned in the pages of Wonder Woman, but – for me – this is NOT DONNA TROY! In an effort to ask where she is, I must go back to the beginning and ask one of the oldest comic book questions. This is the story, or my recollection of the story, of Donna Troy.


Who was Donna Troy?Where is Donna Troy?

Comic book fans are familiar with a question surrounding Donna Troy but the question often asked is not WHERE but WHO is Donna Troy? Why do we ask this? The answer dates back to the character’s humble beginnings. Just like Robin is the sidekick of Batman, Donna was the sidekick of Wonder Woman, right?


Donna Troy was a mistake. 

Wait…wait…before you ask how I could possibly say this…let me explain because it is true.  I will say it again. Donna Troy, the original Wonder Girl, was a mistake.

The original Teen Titans

Wonder Girl joined Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad as one of the original Teen Titans.  She premiered in The Brave and The Bold #60 (July 1965). Her history, or the history of Wonder Girl, predates that appearance in what were called Impossible Tales, published in the Wonder Woman comic.

Without going into too many details, just know that the book Seduction of the Innocent prompted histrionics and forced changes upon the comic book industry, whether one agrees with the findings or not. (Most people do not agree.)  DC Comics chose to make Wonder Woman stories more family friendly by having her appear side-by-side with her Mother and Wonder Girl, herself as a child. This two places at once, reminiscent of Doctor Who themed stories, were listed as impossible – until the publisher dropped the Impossible. It is widely believed that the writer of Brave and the Bold assumed that Wonder Girl was another separate character – not Diana as a child.

So, does that not pose a question….WHO is Donna Troy?


Who is Donna Troy (Version One)?


Donna received her first origin in 1969. A non-Amazon child was rescued by Wonder Woman from a burning building.  No relatives were found and the child was taken to Paradise Island, given Amazonian powers, and raised as Wonder Woman’s adopted sister.


In the 1980s, Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing) investigates the cause of the fire that led to Wonder Woman finding the child. He uncovered her family and reunited her with them prior to her wedding.

The original, in my opinion, is the best and easiest to understand of all of Donna’s origins.


Who is Donna Troy (Version Two)?

Where is Donna Troy?

In 1985, Crisis on Infinite Earths, a DC Comics event that drastically changed almost everything about the DC Comics Universe, changed Wonder Woman’s origin. She no longer made her debut in World War II, instead only coming to the United States in the present. The Teen Titans comic was one of the flagship DC titles and Donna appeared on the current roster.

If Diana only came to the US in the present, how was Donna able to be Wonder Girl in the years prior to that? And, to complicate matters even more, Diana and Donna had now NEVER met.

This is just one of many issues caused Post-Crisis.

The amazon connection was retconned – the act of revising continuity to meet current story needs – out of existence. Donna Troy was no longer rescued from the fire by Wonder Woman. Instead, she was rescued by Rhea, a Titan of Myth. Her code-name was changed to Troia and then Darkstar to further distance Donna from the Wonder Woman origin.

All is good, yes?


Who is Donna Troy (Version Three)?

The 1990s brought about another change. DC Comics had retconned – there we go with that word again – Wonder Woman’s history. Sitting down…if not, brace yourselves….

Queen Hippolyta had accidentally caused Diana’s death and ascension to being the Goddess of Truth. Hippolyta, for punishment of her crimes, was given the mantle of Wonder Woman and was sent back to World War II. She fought in the War, alongside the Justice Society of America, for many years. This restored Wonder Woman to the classic stories featuring the character – only difference – it was Hippolyta and not Diana.

This also gave a reason for Donna to be “inspired” by Wonder Woman YEARS before Diana came to the US.  Connection restored!

But, wait.  There’s more.

The Return of Donna Troy

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Writer/artist John Byrne wanted to fully restore Donna’s connection to Wonder Woman. He did so by retconning – yet, again, that word – her origin. In this new origin, Donna was created as a magical duplicate of Diana so that the child Diana would have a playmate. The duplicate was abducted by Dark Angel, a foe of Hippolyta’s from WWII, believing that this was the real Diana.
The story is quite convoluted, but it ends with Donna being restored to her Amazonian origins. In actuality, it is now more closely linked since the two are treated more as fraternal twins rather than an adopted sister.

Donna died after that, but returned in 2005’s The Return of Donna Troy, a lead-in to the 20th Anniversary of the original CRISIS, Infinite Crisis. She was last seen as a member of the Justice League prior to the 2011 New 52 relaunch.

Who is Donna Troy (Version Four)?


When I began writing this post I REALLY wanted to know WHERE is Donna. The idea for this post came weeks prior to the release of issue 38 of the current Wonder Woman run. The Amazons had grown restless with their queen, Diana, away from the island for long periods of time.  After praying to Hera for a new queen, the Amazons are presented with just that – a new queen.  A much different – apparently vicious – Donna Troy.

Where is MY Donna?  She is out there.  Maybe it may take a convergence to find her – or a Darkseid War.  Who knows!

NOTE: Donna Troy – the true Donna Troy – may soon return post-events of Convergence #8.


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