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Rebranding the HR to WHO Blog

I barely knew anything about blogging when I began this blog back in November 2012. And, in the years since, I’ve learned a LOT about myself as a writer and a person. The HR to WHO blog has opened doors to a world of fantastic networking opportunities – in the human resources, social media, and Doctor Who online community. Yet, over the last several months, I felt that something was missing.  Something was wrong. Continue reading

My Introduction to Doctor Who

My Introduction to Doctor Who

My Introduction to Doctor Who

Some of you may know me from recent episodes of Doctor Who: Podshock. While we are quickly manipulating the vortex that will take us to Series 9, I wanted to introduce myself and discuss how I came to join the Podshock team.

Podshock Co-Host

For starters, I'm Kyle Jones or @kylemj6977 on Twitter. I work in Human Resources, but am also a writer on my own and several HR related blogs. My TARDIS is parked in Brandon, MS. So, without further delay, I've ripped the last page from a random book to share the following with you. Continue reading

The Case of Rolling Stone and the Guest Commenter

As Americans, we are all entitled to our opinions. We have a right to say what we want, but we also have the responsibility to accept the rebuttal of those opinions. Yet, as part of the process, we should take a moment to acknowledge that not everyone shares the same opinions. We should be open to learning. If we do this, we might – well – learn something. Continue reading

Four Doctors, Paul Cornell, Titan Comics

Titan Comics Crossover Event to Feature Multiple Doctors

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Titan Comics, Four Doctors, Paul Cornell

Titan Comics to Publish Multi-Doctor Crossover Comic Event

A news item on last January is where I first read the news that the Doctor Who comic license was leaving IDW and heading over to Titan. Now, over a year later, we’ve seen new titles for the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors PLUS a Doctor Who book available for the 2015 Free Comic Book Day. Continue reading

The Brain of Morbius Reviewed

Podshock Episode 327: The Brain of Morbius Reviewed

Episode 327 of Doctor Who: Podshock is available for download. We review the 4th Doctor story, The Brain of Morbius starring Tom Baker as the Doctor and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, plus news and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani, Dave Cooper, Ian Bisset, Lee Shackleford and Kyle Jones. Continue reading