Kyle Jones and the TARDIS

Do Not Forget Who You Are

I made a decision today that will play out over the next few months; however, it was one that was several months in the making. It also taught me a lesson about being true to yourself and your voice. Why? If you don’t do so, you will find that your voice will become diminished – even if it is in your own perception.

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We Are Our Logos

We are Our Logos

We are our logos. The images we choose to use are a representation of ourselves – our brands – to everyone we come in contact with online. And, should we choose to use them in print, they come in contact with even more people. They are a representation of our personal brand

Joe and Polly and the Impact of Negativity

Always a Critic: The Story of Joe and Polly

There is a narrow border between positive feedback and negative nitpicking. While we may not intend to do so, do we empower our words with weapons of counter-productivity? Do we block growth by armoring ourselves with a suit of opinions? Are we open to suggestions or closed to criticism?

River Song, Alex Kingston

BBC Announces River Song to Return at Christmas

Christmas came early this year when I received a message from Louis Trapani, the showrunner behind Doctor Who: Podshock this morning. That message – a link to the following story – was (for me) an AMAZING gift to the fans of Doctor Who!

Recalling Hurricane Katrina

Remembering Hurricane Katrina Ten Years Later

Those who should be remembered are those who did not survive. It is those who died for no other reason that they could not leave New Orleans that we must remember. It is those who died in the chaos and despair that occurred in the weeks that followed. They should be remembered.

2015 MISSISSIPPI SHRM Legislative Reception

2015 Mississippi SHRM Legislative Reception

September 01, 2015 heralds the 2015 Mississippi SHRM Legislative Reception. This event is organized by the Jackson Area SHRM Chapter, CAHRA. It will be from 6pm – 7:30pm at the Hilton Jackson, 1001 E County Line Road, Jackson, MS. There is no cost for attendance.

Sonya Belousova Performs Doctor Who Theme

Sonya Belousova Performs Doctor Who Theme

I’ve always loved theme music. I can recall marveling at any changes to the themes (back in the day when there actually were themes on most US television programs) that might occur to the theme. YouTube gave another avenue for people to take their love for a particular theme and, by using their own skills or profession, craft something amazing.

Doctor Who Podshock 10th Anniversary

Doctor Who Podshock Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Doctor Who: Podshock began in August 2005 with the first episode and it continues, stronger than ever, in 2015. Like The Doctor, it’s regenerated and even changed the desktop theme. While it would be (virtually) impossible to included all the moments of 328 episodes, this brief tribute is..well, my tribute.

Kyle Jones' 9 Questions for Series 9 of Doctor Who

9 Questions for Doctor Who Series 9

The premiere of Series 9 of Doctor Who is quickly approaching. How will the Twelfth Doctor’s second series differ from his first? What will happen to Clara Oswald, if anything? How did Osgood survive, or did she? And, do I even need to speculate about Missy? Join me as I speculate about what might happen – or what I would like to see happen – as Series 9 of Doctor Who unfolds.