Along the Path of Destiny

Along the Path of Destiny


Thoughts and ideas ramble into the mind as if to bombard one with quick wit and fantastic adventures. We see ourselves in different and unique ways. We, comprised of our own fears and beliefs, often see differently than do those we know, knew, or will one day know. Perception filters self-image in ways abundantly clear or as clouded as the mind permits.The Path of Destiny, Kyle Jones

The deeds of yesterday weigh upon our shoulders like the burden of mountains. The unknown joys and tragedies of tomorrow prompt us forward to advance along the Path of Destiny – or causes us to be paralyzed by the uncontrolled dread of what may never be.

Our lives intermingle at different points creating traveling companions or point of conflict. Many times we travel along roads of common interest until pathways diverge and companions part – to be seen again tomorrow or never again. We, each of us travelers along our own path, embark to destinations unknown.

The Silence

Silence. Great and bombarding silence.

Clever silence but with purpose.

A moment – second, minute, hour, or day.

Time observed.

As we travel along our way, we often focus on the destination and forget the most important element – the journey. We, our residence in this Kingdom of Technological Wonder, think too often and way too much. Time will continue as it does today and has done on the days forever gone.

Allow the silencing of the thoughts and ideas.  Ramble – No More. Fantastic ideas come only in the appreciation of the quiet moments.  We do not know the future and cannot plot our course as the future is not yet ours to see. Prepare – yes.  Plan – yes.  Yet, become aware in the moment – in the now – for it is often missed.

Be silent, Traveler along the Path of Destiny, and be.

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