Anyone Can Be A Hero

Heroes have been front-and-center in both my personal and professional lives in recent months.  Of course, each week brings me to my local comic shop, Bombshell Comics, every Wednesday.  And the other reason that I’ve been thinking about heroes was because of the 19th annual Mississippi Human resource Conference and Expo,  held last week at the Beau Rivage. I wanted to reach out to some of my HR contacts to find out about their HR heroes. Did they have to be Super HeRoes? Maybe. Maybe not.  Anyone can be a hero!


Anyone Can be A Hero

Anyone Can Be A Hero, Kyle Jones

“Who is your HR Hero?” I asked online and received feedback from Steve Brown, SPHR, and Rory C. Trotter, Jr. Their answers are as follows:


Rory C. Trotter, Jr.


My HR hero is Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder of the Human Workplace. I love Liz because – through her advice columns – Liz pushes people to grow their flames and careers as largely and brightly as they possibly can. Her writing provides an honest, refreshing take on being a processional in modern corporate America, and the work she’s doing at the Human Workplace helps us collectively move a little bit closer towards making people decisions rooted in context and bathed in empathy (as opposed to fear-based, reactive decision making). The business world is evolving to become more and more global – but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our individuality in it. Liz is bringing that message to companies, HR pros, and aspiring movers and shakers at all levels of all organizations. And as she continues to do so she inspires me a little every week.


Steve Browne, SPHR


AnyoneCanBeAHero_4Fred Eck.  He is a long-time friend, mentor and example of a great person who happens to do HR.  Fred reached out and introduced me to a circle of established HR pros as someone who fit in and should be included.  He opened doors for me and I remain close to him to this day.  He is retired, but I talk to him at least twice a week and try to see him as often as I can.



Who is MY HR Hero?


I could name several but, since this is written for the purpose of posting online, I am forced to divide 100% equally into three parts. Those three parts must then be given to three individuals who provided an impact on me during the early months of this journey – Steve Browne, SPHR, Victorio Milian, and Robin Schooling, SPHR. Each one of them, in their own way, served as inspiration.


This post is dedicated to them and to anyone who chooses to inspire others.

And, in the words of River Song, “Next stop EVERYWHERE.”



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