BBC Releases First Doctor Who Series 9 Teaser

The BBC has released the first teaser trailer for Series 9 of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Series 9Series 9 Doctor Who Returns Fall 2015

Peter Capaldi will return for his second series as the twelfth incarnation of The Doctor.  Jenna Coleman will also return as Clara Oswald.  And, I am happy to report (and something that has been reported previously online and in past episodes of Doctor Who: Podshock), Michelle Gomez will return as Missy.

The Teaser

Very little information is given in the teaser; however, the teaser itself provides the audience with one very important fact – It’s time for the BBC’s marketing team to begin promoting the new season! It’s time to begin the speculation on what will happen next season.

This is just the first of many (I’m sure) and I can’t wait!!


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