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Discussing Who Episode 41 – Comic Books, Doctor Who, and WHOLanta 2017

The wait is over as Doctor Who Series 10 begins on Saturday, April 15, 2017. We announce our series review schedule of what appears to be a MASTERful final series for showrunner Steven Moffat and for Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor. We discuss Marvel Comics’ X-Men Gold, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man Homecoming, and revisit a local comics shop. All this plus announcements for WHOLanta and Southern Geek Fest 2! Hosted by Kyle Jones and Clarence Brown.

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Discussing Who Episode 40 – Review of Iron Fist and the Justice League Trailer

Danny Rand, along with the Justice League, take center stage of Episode 40 as we review Season One of the Netflix original series, Iron Fist, and discuss the Justice League trailer. We look back at Iron Fist history and debate whether or not critics were justified in their series reviews. And, can Justice League right the DCMU universe, or will Wonder Woman carry the weight? Hosted by Clarence Brown, Kyle Jones, and guest co-host, Andy Sims.

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Discussing Who Episode 40

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Discussing Who Episode 39 – From the TARDIS to River Song, An Interview with Angie Meadows

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up every day and know you have your very own TARDIS? We wanted to know so we asked someone who has two TARDIS to call her own. We discuss building a TARDIS, attending conventions, and…well, to say more would be SPOILERS.  Join us as we discuss all things Doctor Who with special guest, Angie Meadows. Plus, Discussing Who will be attending WHOLanta in May! Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford.
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Discussing Who Episode 38

Doctor Who Series 10 brings the Twelfth Doctor’s Era to a close as both Showrunner Steven Moffat and lead actor Peter Capaldi exit at year’s end. What secrets will be exposed? Who (or what) is returning? Where has Missy been since 2015? And, how do the original Cybermen from Mondas fit into the mix? Find out as we speculate the upcoming Series of Doctor Who. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford – with special guest host, Dave Cooper, of the Cultdom Collective and Doctor Who Podshock. Read more

Discussing Who Episode 37 – Wonder Woman, Logan, Secret Empire, and More

What do the years 1998, 2012, 2016, and 2017 have in common for comic books? Join us we discuss the upcoming Logan and Guardian’s of the Galaxy movies, the Wonder Woman Rebirth trade paperback, the latest episodes of Legion and Powerless, and more. Plus, who is Blink? What’s the latest on BBC Class? What were the Top 10 comics of 1998? Episode 37 recorded LIVE via Facebook.  Hosted by Kyle Jones and Clarence Brown.

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Discussing Who Episode 37

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Discussing Who Episode 36 – Who is Legion?

Who is David Haller? We attempt to answer both questions as we discuss the new FX series and look into the character’s comic book origins. Does David suffer from mental illness? How is he linked to the Uncanny X-Men? Who is Legion? Plus, we discuss the DC Universe-based comedy, Powerless. Hosted by Kyle Jones and Clarence Brown.

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Discussing Who Episode 35 – Preparing for Doctor Thirteen and Remembering John Hurt

Breaking News in the world of Doctor Who as the BBC announces the departure of Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who. Capaldi, set to leave in the 2017 Christmas Special, says goodbye to the Doctor and the time has come to speculate as to what (or WHO) comes next! Yes, it is time to prepare for the Thirteenth Doctor! Plus, Discussing Who pays tribute to Sir John Hurt. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and special guest Mark Wells of the Dicejunkies YouTube series. Read more

Discussing Who Episode 34 – Capturing Sherlock Holmes

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman return for another rollercoaster season of SHERLOCK. We examine the history of the character, answer questions submitted by listeners, review the current season, and more. Did you like the current season? Let us know! Hosted by Lee Shackleford, Clarence Brown, and Kyle Jones.

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