Changes Can Be Good For Everyone

I found the following post while searching through unpublished blog posts from recent months. The piece was created during a time of uncertainty and confusion. Reading it now, I see clearly that time does move forward. Changes can be good for everyone!


Changes Can Be Good For Everyone

I wrote a post this weekend after becoming frustrated by lack of creativity in recent weeks/months. The enjoyment of writing had almost disappeared because of the blank page. Now, for those who know me well, you know that I have a very positive relationship with the written word. Always a creative muse in the past, words would always easily flow from idea to thought to paper/word processor. Yet, I found myself time-and-again faced with a blank page.

Tonight, Saturday, August 09, 2014, I decided that I would reclaim my creative side. How? I had to ask why my creative streak disappeared. This meant I had to determine when it disappeared.

Am I out of Doctor Who content? No…absolutely not. We are weeks away from the first full-episode of the Twelfth Doctor. This is “prime” Doctor Who posting time!MegaGate Broadband, Closing of the Gate, Kyle Jones

Am I out of SHRM/HR content? Hmm…..can we say “HRCI v. SHRM”???

Personal issues? No, my parents just happily celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Work issues, then?  YES!

I gave the following explanation in my post, The Impact of Work-Related Changes:

There must be a reason behind this silence if I could steadily create content from 2012 (or before) until a few months ago. What changed in 2014? What created so much background noise that it silenced my creativity?

On June 10, 2014, MegaGate Broadband, Inc. announced – in a joint meeting with C Spire executives – plans to sell the company to C Spire. The meeting was held at the Canebrake Golf Club and informed employees prior to the 8:00am press release the following morning. Ironically, I celebrated my 18th anniversary with the company mere days before on June 05.


The Five Stages

It was in this moment that I realized that I was in mourning. I’ve spent 18+ years with one company – at the same location. When one can remember “when there was a wall here” or “this used to be an open space before we…”, this signals that the business and the individual share a history.  The Time of Change

When that history goes away, it is a death, of sorts. Yes, change is good. Yes, I realize that I will look back on this time and know that I’m a better person because of it.  And, most importantly, I realize that my new employer is a well-known telecommunications provider in our area, but a chapter in my life is closing.

There are five stages of grief:

  1. The Denial
  2. The Anger
  3. The Bargain
  4. The Depression
  5. The Acceptance

Stage one and two were a quick one-two punch. The denial lasted no more than 24 hours while I was angry about two-three days. In this situation, the bargain came in a series of self-questioning. I asked why I didn’t see the writing on the wall. I asked why I hadn’t left sooner. (Hmmm…maybe a little anger still remained.)Kyle Jones Celebrates HR to WHO

Questions for the Future

Anyone faced with an uncertain future is also faced with a variety of questions:

  1. What does this mean for me?
  2. What about my insurance?
  3. What about my pay rate?
  4. What about my job?
  5. What do I do now?
  6. What will it be like to work for this new company?
  7. Where will I go to find another job?
  8. What will it be like to start over?
  9. What do I say if someone asks me about the change?
  10. Where do I go from here?

HR Lost in Time, Kyle Jones, HR to WHO

The answers to many of those questions are being answered – or have been answered already. If you should find yourself faced with an unexpected change – regardless of personal or professional – remember that it happens to all of us. It is what we DO – how we respond – that shapes who we are.


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