Doctor Who: August 23, 2014

We saw him for a few seconds on November 23, 2013 and again on December 25. Perhaps, we may have even seen him before? Only time will tell; however, August 23, 2014 serves as a fixed moment in time.  Why? It’s the day upon which all things Doctor Who changes.  It is the day Peter Capaldi officially-and-completely takes the reigns as The Doctor from departing (and beloved) Matt Smith.

August 23, 2014: Meet the TwelfthDoctor Who, Series 8, Kyle Jones

BBC America has provided fans with several sneak peeks of the new season and these videos are available on the BBC America YouTube channel.  I’ve listed several of my favorites below.


The New TARDIS Interior


Doctor Who in NYC


The New Doctor


Peter Capaldi Discusses The Doctor


Doctor Who returns to television Saturday, August 23, 2014 on the BBC and BBC America – and others.  Join Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman as they take us into the next exciting chapter of The Doctor’s adventures. This is, for fans of the show both new and old, one of THE essential parts of watching. It’s the post-regeneration episode where everything changes – and all stays the same. Another element fans will ask:  Will the music change? Will the title graphic change? What about the images in the  title sequence?

If my sources are correct…we could see an updated title sequence that will use something never used before….images of a clock. And now, I leave you with a quote from The Time of the Doctor:


And now it’s time for one last bow

Like all your other selves

Eleven’s hours is over now

The clock is striking Twelve’s

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