Doctor Who Timeless Quote #7

The following timeless quote is taken from the episode School Reunion originally airing on April 29, 2006. Many consider this a landmark episode with the return of Elisabeth Sladen to the role of Sarah Jane Smith – effectively bridging “classic” and “new” Who.


Doctor Who Timeless Quote #7 – School Reunion


Sarah: It’s daft, but I haven’t ever thanked you for that time, and like I said, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

The Doctor: Something to tell the grandkids.HR to Who, Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who Quotes, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones HR

Sarah: Oh, I think it’ll be someone else’s grandkids now.

The Doctor: Right. Yes, sorry… I didn’t get a chance to ask. You haven’t…there hasn’t been anyone…? You know…?

Sarah: Well…there was this one guy. I traveled with him for a while. But he was a tough act to follow. Goodbye, Doctor.

The Doctor: Oh, it’s not goodbye—

Sarah: Say it, please. This time. Say it.

The Doctor: Goodbye…my Sarah Jane!


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